Youtube Shenanigans

I recently started a YouTube Channel. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen me mention it and provided a link to it. If you happen to go to my channel, you will notice I have just 1 video, which on closer inspection, will reveal that it is a couple of months old. I know I should upload more, and I keep getting questions from my friends on when the next video will drop. So when will that be exactly?

Eh….the short answer is “ Soon”.

The long answer is “I really don’t know when because it takes a heck of a lot to produce 1 single video and I am still trying to wrap my head around it all and I have so many Korean dramas to watch on Netflix and Dramafever and I really am not sure what I want to focus my videos on. I mean you all know me, I like doing many things but do I really want to make videos about every single thing I do?” phew……

So there you have it. I am a hot mess right…but you all knew that already.

My friend even decided to clean my sewing room for me. A little backstory to this perhaps. She has decided she wants me to teach her how to sew but upon taking a look at my sewing room, she realised the first lesson she wanted to learn, was how to tidy up a sewing room. She will definitely go far with this sewing thing don’t you think? So, for now, we will be meeting every Friday after work for a sewing session. I am quite excited about it actually. It will be good to have someone who sews near me. She lives just a 2-minute walk away from me so that will come in handy when I need some sewing company. Fortunately, I have three sewing machines so we can both sew at the same time.

So back to You Tube. I actually spend an insane amount of time on that thing. Does everyone do that? The three sites I visit the most are You Tube, Amazon and Ebay. Usually in that order. I see something on You Tube I want to make or own, and I look for it on Amazon first. If I can’t find it there, then I go to Ebay. Mr. Dibs has threatened divorce if 1 more Amazon package comes through the post. He has threatened divorce enough times for various things that I don’t take anything he says on that topic seriously anymore. Though to be fair the frequency with which the threats come are in direct correlation to the frequency in which he notices spikes in my purchasing habits. It has been relatively quiet threat wise these past couple of months as I was unemployed and so I could not buy everything I wanted. That would have involved asking him for money and then I would have been the one consulting divorce laws as I am sure refusal to fund your wife’s shopping addiction is a perfectly good reason for divorce.

Once again, back to You Tube. The experts say to build an audience, you have to decide on your niche. Huh? Why do I have to decide between sewing, baking and beauty? Why can’t I have or do all? If I have to pause to think about this, I will never make any videos, which is exactly what is happening right now. So, I am going to stay true to myself, and do what I like. Make videos on whatever tickles my fancy. Probably cakes and beauty for now. Sewing, I am not so sure. I can’t be bothered to do them right now.

So there you have it. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can have a look at my lone video and subscribe to my channel with the hope that one day, eventually, I will make a second video.