A new begining

There is nothing more exciting than starting a new relationship. We all love to fall in-love, in-like, in-lust??, oh well in-whatever takes over us. Starting something new is so exciting, the little sighs of satisfaction when you think of the new thing, the peace and contentment when you are in the presence of that new thing. It’s all so nice and cute when its new.

But then, as time goes by, it stops being new. You sigh when you think of it, not with pleasure, but with exasperation. The very thought of being anywhere near that new thing fills you with so much anguish you wonder if you’d ever liked it at all. Ever had that feeling? Come to think of it, who hasn’t.?

Thats how the relationship between my sewing machine and I has been of late. I remember when my husband bought it for me last year as a birthday present. I made a mental note to myself to love him for ever, for presenting me with my first sewing machine ever. Oh how I loved my machine. I was so in-love I could not eat . Yes, it was that bad. I’d look at it lovingly for hours on end. Loved it till my husband started hating himself for having gifted me with his competition.  Oh how the love between my machine and I was fulfilling.

But then, as time went by, my machine stopped feeling new. I sighed when I thought of the unfinished sewing projects my machine and I had in common. I sighed, not with pleasure, but with exasperation. The very thought of switching the power button on the machine filled me with so much anguish, I wondered if I had ever loved it at all. Ever had that feeling? Come to think of it, who hasn’t?

And like every relationship, you realise it can’t remain magical for ever. You have to work hard, to make it work. So here I am, recreating a new begining. A new love affair between my sewing machine and I. This time around though, I know I will have to nurture the relationship by looking after the machine. I know I will have to pay more attention so that when it becomes ill, I will know what to do. I will spend more time with it, by sewing more, learning more about sewing , so that I will love the clothes we make together, and take those clothes out of the house.

This, I promise you, machine dearest, is our very own new beginning. But you have to promise me 1 thing. That you will work hard as much as I am preparing to do. That you will not break down on me. That your needles won’t get stuck in my fingers, that you will keep your noise levels down.

I love you yes, but then again, as any relationship, when things can’t work anymore, something has to give. Someone has to go.

So, machine dearest, if you don’t get your act together, and I am not saying this lightly, as soon as my lottery tickets get the right combinations, I am getting myself a brand new Bernina machine.

Got it?