Dibs Vs Laziness Round 1

Dibs: I am strong, I am strong, I can do this. I know I can do this. So why am I not doing it?

Laziness: Honey coz you are in love with me. I’m irresistible.

Dibs: But….no one is irresistible….I dumbed you once remember?

Laziness: when girlfriend? When?

Dibs: Months ago. When i made all those beautiful dresses. I did..i know I did…oh…

Laziness: So are you going to give me the exact time? ….what? dog got your fingers?…u know, you have to realize that what we have is the real deal. You and I. there is no one without the other. I’ve been with you since you were born, and I will be with you when you close those cute little lashes of yours….

Dibs: No you won’t. Just watch me. Just you watch me. I’m going to sew so many things, Usain Bolt won’t have anything on me.

Laziness: hah!!! That will be the day. Wake me up when you decide you want to look for a pattern ok? I’m sleepy.

Dibs: oh God. I need strength. Is there anybody out there? Help….Laziness is punching the zeal out of me…somebody….anybody…..please somebody…

Laziness: hahahhahaahhaha….u still screaming?

Dibs: so what if I am? Watch me. I’m going pattern hunting:

Laziness: break a leg honey….

Dibs: I’ll break more than that…