New Sewing Machine

Its the start of a new year, and normally people use this time to reflect on the past year and decide on how to go about the new year….writing down resolutions, which in my case, are never followed. So this year, I have resolved not to make any specific resolutions. For the simple reason that I know I won’t keep them, and I don’t want to have to look at myself at the end of this year, and consider myself a failure. So, no new years resolutions for me.

What I do have going through my head though, is GRATEFULNESS. There are so many things that happened to me last year that have filled me with gratitude, first to God, and to my family and friends. The biggest event in my life last year being my wedding to a wonderful man, which came with a ready made family, as I am now a terrified step-mother to an amazingly intelligent and cute 8 year old boy. 

Last year ended with the acquisition of a new sewing machine. I did a lot of research on sewing machines. It is one of the most stressful things to do because you know what you really want, but your pockets are most often not deep enough to afford it. I really wanted a Bernina 350. But parting with £795 was so not possible, as my last  name is not Hilton, and I still have not won the lottery.

So I settled for the next best thing in my opinion, and went for a Pfaff Select 4.0. I am sooooooo in love with, its impossible to describe how I feel right now. My husband keeps looking at it and saying I have no excuse to be lazy now when it comes to sewing. Cracks me up though. I know its true. As you all know, I am so lazy, but I am determined to overcome the laziness. I can’t do a review of the machine , simply because I can’t be bothered to, but you can read about the machine from the Sewing Machines Direct website.

My new darling

So I hope I shall be able to sew more with this new machine. One of the amazing things about the machine, is the fact that it does stretch stitches, so I can finally sew things made of out knit fabrics.