Some MMJ and Holiday Wardrobe Challenge outfits

What a weekend its been.
I’ve been involved in an epic battle battle with a cold. I’ve downed more lemsip syrup this Weekend than my entire life. I really did overdose on Lemsip( yeah it was that bad). I did some sewing too ( when I felt better between spoonfuls of lemsip).
I finally put the zip on the other Vogue 8232 dress I was working on. This pattern seems to be my go to pattern, as this is the second time I’m making it (first time seen here). I also used the skirt for another dress I made a couple of months ago.
This time I found the zip really easy to insert. All that Lemsip probably unlocked some part of my brain. I think I need to stock up on lemsip syrup. I’m not saying I’m going to turn into a Lemsip addict….well if it does have anything to do with easy zip insertions, then I might.
I also did 3 maxi dresses. I did not use a pattern for 2 of them, just some personal measurements and elastic on one, and some ribbon on the other. For the 3rd one, I used Simplicity 2638 and the fabric I bought in April when Iwent to visit my in-laws.. The good thing about maxi dresses is that they are so easy to sew, and do not take an awful lot of time.

With this one I measured my hips, and cut 2 rectangles with that measurement, and my desired length . Then I made a casing at the top for the elastic, and hemmed the bottom. Simples!!
Simplicity 2638
With this one, I made two rectangles with my hip measurement and desired length. I left some inches off the top side seams, which act as the armholes, then made casings for both parts of the top, and put a ribbon through it. Job done.

Then I decided to do a little refashion. I had a not-so-new top I had at home, which i realised I did not wear often. So i decided to give it some love.

So old top and some fabric

Cut the top at the waistline

gather the top of the skirt

Sew it to the top. Finish off the seams and hem the skirt.


So that’s what I’ve been up to. I still feel really horrible, but the lemsip is doing its job.
Have a nice week everyone.
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New Look 6816 top

006 by Dibs and the machine
006, a photo by Dibs and the machine on Flickr.

Yesterday I made a top for work today (I wish this could happen everyday). I decided to do a quick project, as sewing after work can be very tiring sometimes, so I picked New Look 6816 purely because it said it was a 2 hour project. It took me less than two hours (can you believe it?), but only because I decided to sew it with my overlocker.

I made the red version with the short sleeves, and put ruffles at the neck. I used my overlocker for the side seams,then used my regular machine to sew the hem, as I wanted it to have a wavy look. I used a tight ziz-zag stitch for the hem, and a looser one for the sleeves.

009 by Dibs and the machine

For the ruffles, I simply cut four strips of fabric, gathered them, and attached them to the neckline.

This was my first time sewing with Knit, and I found that you have to guide it all the time, or else it will keep twisting. I also noticed that knits(or at least what I was using), don’t gather as easily as woven fabric. When I tried to gather the two rows of stitches I had done for the ruffles, I found it very difficult. So i added another line of stitches, and that solved the little issue.

It was a fairly easy top to make, and I will make this again.

Holiday Wardrobe Challenge


I think I hate myself. I keep complaining about the stress of an impending me made june and of me not having enough clothes and all, and here I am about to talk about another challenge.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was going to sunny Marjoca this summer. August to be exact, and that I was thinking of making my own wardrobe for that. So here I am today, declaring that

I, Dibs, of Dibs and the Machine, pledge to sew a holiday wardrobe for my 2 week vacation to Marjoca. For the duration of my  holidays, I shall only wear clothes/accesories made by me!!

“Everything” excludes shoes and bras, and sunshades.

So there, I’ve gone and done this time haven’t I.

I seem to relish the stress ( i know that sounds strange), but sewing for Me Made June has made me realise that with sewing, like many other aspects of my life, I thrive on deadlines. Knowing that deadlines are around the corner , makes me work harder. So, I think setting myself the challenge of sewing my holiday wardrobe, and declaring it publicly, will actually push me to sew.

Is there anyone going on holiday and resolving to sew their own holiday wardrobe?

Style Crush: Michelle Obama

I was stalking Eugenia just now, looking at the two tshirts she’s just made, when she mentioned that Michelle O was due in the UK tomorrow. I had completely forgotten. I have the biggest style crush ever on Michele O. I love most of the stuff she wears (if not all). However, some of them will look pretty ridiculous on me, because she is so tall, and I am so very short, I’d probably only reach her knees if I stood next to her. I kid you not. I am that short.

What she and I do have in common though, is a love for colour, full flowery dresses, cardigans and of course, the ability to wear any colour, no matter how bright. I really like the fact that she wears what she wants, and does not restrict herself to boring colours or outfits. Its always very exciting to watch her. she always manages to look effortlessly cool.!!

TRĂˆS CHIC photo | Michelle Obama



I can’t get enough of her. But I think you’ll probably all be thinking i’m some pychotic madam out on the run. I can most def assure you I am not. I am just having the biggest style crush ever of my life.

Have a nice evening.

Testing my new BFF

So, my excitement over the new overlocker has gone down(just a teensy weeny bit), and I am testing it. I’m currently working on another vogue 8232 dress, and I’m really happy with how professional it looks inside because of the overlocking. My regular machine has an overlocker foot, but the results are so much better with the overlocker. The speed for instance, is out of this world, and I was quite surprised when I went back on my sewing machine and noticed how slow it was in comparison to the overlocker.
I was quite lucky that the overlocker came already threaded, but when I started sewing, I noticed something was not quite right. Upon closer inspection I realised one of the threads was not there, so I had to rethread it. That took me a good part of 1 hour, and that was just 1 thread. In the end, it all made sense.I think threading the overlocker is not as scary as we all think. Doing it the first time might be daunting, but when you get the hang of it, it becomes easy.
So, if like me you were scared of using one, the best way to overcome this, is to buy one, and just go for it. It’s not as hardcore as we think.

Have a lovely week.