Someone’s feeling as light as a feather!!

Hi everyone, today is the last day of June, and also of MMJ. Its been an eventful month for me, and I thank God for everything that has happened this month. This is not a Me Made post, so no pics of me prancing about in handmade clothes. Today I want to share a little bit of what is making me happy and light.

So, whats this “THING”?????????????

Hat Making.!!

Royal connection……

Queen Elizabeth II HM Queen Elizabeth II laughs in the parade ring on day four of Royal Ascot 2009 at Ascot Racecourse on June 19, 2009 in Ascot, England.Princess Beatrice in butterfly hat

I don’t wear too many hats, but I love seeing hats on other people. I always look for Ascot pictures to see the wonderful creations. I put the Ascot hats into 3 groups. The good, the  interesting and the WTF hats. lol….oops!!!

I’ve also been going through the websites of many milliners in London, and a few in the US. They are all so very inspirational, and I kept wishing I had the skills to make all those beautiful pieces. Admittedly not to the same standards, but close.

Food on my mind….

Ladies Day at Ascot - Thursday 22 June 2006

Gravity defying……


Day two | Royal Ascot | Wednesday 20 June 2007

So, where does all this gushing about hats lead to?

Oh well, yours truly has enrolled on a hat making course at the Kensington and Chelsea college, starting september. It is a part time evening course, and classes will be held every Tuesday from 18:15 -21:15pm. Exciting non?

Plus, I am also starting hat making classes with Rose Cory in August. Now for those who don’t know ( just like I did not until I started taking an active interest in millinery), Rose Cory used to make hats for the late Queen mother. How cool is that? Not only that, she’s got some pretty amazing things said about her:

“Rose Cory the milliner’s milliner”
“…Rose Cory who seems to have taught every
couture milliner in the country”

Harpers & Queen

Well, I might certainly not be a couture milliner, but I hope by the time I have finished absorbing all that I can from Rose, I will be able to call myself a milliner, even if I only make hats for myself, and my family……umm my high school friends……. university friends?….definitely some of the wonderful people I have been blessed to meet through blogging……i think thats it…wait….my colleagues, and their wives??????, maybe not wives. Anyways, the point is,


I am so excited. When she called me yesterday to confirm the classes, I almost passed out at work. It took a lot to calm me down. I’m still on a high.

The good news for you my friends, is that I will be able to share some of the things I learn with you, and you could also make your own hats at home.

Me Made June Brighton Meet-up

What day are we in now? the days all seem to have blurred into one. Somewhere between friday 17th june and today, I’ve kind of lost track of where I am. anyways, saturday was a special day. Zoe organised a MMJ meet-up in Brighton, for those who could make time to attend.
So there I was, trying to reaasure Mr.Dibs on friday night, as I lay shivering on my bed, that I would be well enough to go to Brighton on saturday. I’d been to work on friday, but left early when my boss saw me crying ( lol, yes i do that when i am in pain), and told me to go home.
Nothing was going to stop me from going to Brighton. Not when I had managed to bag a return ticket for £10. I was hoping by saturday morning I would be feeling better, but when I woke up on saturday to a massive headache, I knew I had to take emergency actions. I quickly overdosed on pain killers, and smiled bravely at Mr.Dibs when he enquired after my health.
Anyways, here are a couple of shots.

Claire’s magical trolley, which had everything inside!!

Here I was playing a game of pap the papparazzi



Zoe, our hostess with the mostess!!

Santie all excited!!

Tilly taking notes. How sweet is this?

Food time. Notice how brave our smiles look, even though we were very hungry

post food, time to swap fabric

Santie, Tilly and I
After a couple of glasses of wine, the smiles are more effortless…quite enthusiastic if i may say

I loved Zoe’s Macaron dress.

Danny boy!! Daniel was quite popular among tthe girls.

Brighton was alot of fun, though at one point Zoe and Tilly were kind enough to take a break because I was not feeling well, and we sat down for some tea, in my case, a plate of chocolate fudge cake and ice- cream.

I was so glad I went, because I met Santie, who I will be meeting in Belgium in a couple of days for more fabric shopping. I also discovered the best place to be in this world, if anything were to go wrong, like some terrorist attack, or anything major. That place could be anywhere, and I mean it seriously, anywhere, so long as I am with Claire. Claire is one seriously organised person. She has everything for anything in her bag.  So Claire, if you are reading this, I think you are seriously cool!!

I also came away with alot of fabric from the fabric swap. I don’t have any pics of them, because I forgot to take pictures of them, but most of what I got came from Claire, so whenever i do make something out of them, I will be giving a big shout out to her.

You will be happy to know that I did not buy any fabric. Seriously. I only bought a couple of metres of milliners elastic, for fascinators. I still have to finish the fascinator I am making for Rachel, so I’m glad I got that. I also bought a couple of buckles, and leather thonging for jewellry making. Aww, I’m all grown up now. I can resist the lure of fabric. I might not be so restrained when I go to Belgium though. Santie and I will be going crazy in Antwerp soon.

Sunday, I decided to draft a skirt pattern.

Somehow, this tub of ice cream made it into the equation

I got derailed. Wouldn’t you?

Monday, day 27, at work, and I got caught laughing like a hyena here. I’m wearing the top I embelished a couple of weeks (days?) ago.

Where is my Camera?

I have been going round and round today, looking for my camera. The last thing I remember is taking it out of my bag to take a picture of my latest pattern drafting exercise, which ended, as I ultimately knew it would, with me shaking my head furiously and wondering if I was really so thick, and reaching into the fridge for a new tub of Hagen Daaz Vanilla and chocolate brownie ice cream. This is a new flavour, and its the first time I was having it. I LOVED it so much, I finished it in one go.

I still don’t know where my camera is!!

Yesterday I went to Brighton for the Me Made June meet up organised by Zoe. However, I can’t show you any pics at this time because I can’t find my “”#$”@^%$# camera!!!

Where is my camera?

I don’t know to be honest. I still have not taken my MMJ outfit of the day. eek!!!

I had so much fun yesterday in Brighton. It was my first time going there, and I had such high hopes for my time there. The weather forecast had been quite promising, however, when we got there, it was anything but sunny!!! but the sheer excitement of being in the presence of talented people made up for the weather.I would have shown you pictures, but as you would have read by now, I can’t find my $%^#^%U^$^&^$$ camera!!!

Where is my camera?

I’ve just looked under the bed, though to be honest I don’t recall putting it there. But a gal has got to look where a gal has got to look. Now where was I? Oh yes, Brighton!! but first….

Where is my camera?

I think i will stop looking for it now.  If you want to see pics of Brighton, Tilly and Suzy have pictures of us grinning like little muppets.

I will have to do another post when I do find my camera, so that you can see the pictures from my own angle.

So, I am off again, on another search and rescue mission for my camera.

have a nice week everyone.

MMJ day 22: Hanging out with House of Pinheiro

Hi Everyone, guess who’s back????

Yup, Moi!!

So the last couple of days have been interesting. Sitting at home ( sometimes venturing out bravely, and crawling back home in pain) and thinking of what to do with myself. Its funny how you think you have so much time on your hands when you are off work, but you end up doing nothing, not because you don’t want to, but because you can’t….literally.

I’ve been so touched by the level of support and well wishes I’ve received from you all. Thank you ever so much. It feels nice to know that out there, in the neverland that is the internet, and of course, the physical world, there are people who think of you. Even if you have never met them. Which brings me to the conclusion that sewing makes the world go round ( and to the greater conclusion, and proof, that the world really is round.) I don’t care about all those scientists with all those formulas and equations, screaming at the top of their coarse lungs, willing to die and in many cases dying, just to prove that the earth is a circle. Why go through all that stress to prove something like that when all they could have done was buy a sewing machine, sew stuff, post it online, and look at google analytics to see the location of your readers to know that? Granted there was no internet in those days, but still? Ha, I know i might be spewing rubbish now, don’t blame me. Blame the morphine. I think its muddled somewhat with my brain.

So, what have I been doing with myself?

First things first, I went crazy on ebay, and bought loads of jewelry making stuff (its the morphine you see), then I hung out with Rachel of House of Pinheiro. Her bday is on saturday, and me being the littlte busy body I am, decided to meet up with her. I’m starting work tomorrow, so I wanted to at least have a little fun before going back to spreadsheets.

So first off, we met at Euston station. I had made a necklace, and decided to use it as my MMJ item du jour. I was running late, so i decided to run to the station, and of course, next thing I knew, my necklace came off, and my beads went scattering around. So  I had to pick them up, one by one, peeping around me to make sure no one was watching before bending down and looking under a car to see if any of my precious beads had rolled down under. Of course they had, so i had to go halfway under the car to get them. Having scooped all my beads, I continued running to the station, just to get there, and the train was late. Typical!

We met just after 6pm so it was not possible to hit any fabric stores, so we went eye shopping, dissecting clothes we saw, opening them  up to look at the fabric content and railing against the shops for having the  gumption to sell a polyester item for 99 pounds. Can you believe it? or was the price higher? can’t remember now….morphine!!

In Uniqlo, we saw this pleated t-shirt that reminded us of the Sorbetto pattern, and decided to make our own versions.

Zara was the guilty owner of a very expensive polyester frock. I was not remotely amused.

We made our way to John Lewis because they have a haberdashery and fabric section, and we just had to have our fabric fix. Of course we did not buy anything because Rachel is going through a “no buying week”, and I am saving my few coins, to be unleashed on the Brighton fabric shop owners on Saturday during the Me Made June meet up organised by Zoe.

Interesting fabric display in John Lewis…..

….followed by the pattern ……

…………and a shocking realisation of how short I really am. In my defense though, Rachel is very tall. Conclusion, I am tall, but Rachel is taller….I dare anyone to say otherwise!!

I loved this little machine. My sister wants a sewing machine, so I might gift her with this for her bday.

Food time….YAY!!!!!
We rushed into the first restaurant we saw just opposite John Lewis, give a few steps. At this point, conversation had simmered down, because hunger was the order of the minute.

yum yum!!

My fave, chocolate fudge cake and vanilla ice-cream.

time for a pic. You can see my me made necklace a little better here.

A fascinator I made for Rachel. Its not finished yet, but I just had to show her. lol. I need to buy  millinery elastic and attach it so she can wear it sans main, as she is doing in the pic….

a little tilting of the head gave us a view without hands.

And she gave me this lovely soft cotton fabric which came all the way from Brazil. See how sewing makes the world go round?

….and this holder for my scissors. Isn’t that cute? and it even has my name stitched on it. I can’t show it because it was made with white thread, and my camera’s flash does not permit a good picture.

Short mmj break.

Hi everyone. This is a totally sewing free post.
I am happy to let you all know I had surgery this morning, and everything well. I’m in a lot of pain, but I should be ok in a couple of days I’m told.
When I came out of the recovery room, the first thing I asked for, of course, was food. I then proceeded to ordering everything possible on the menu. It’s amazing how even hospital food tastes delicious when you wake up from all that anesthesia induced sleep.
The implications of my surgery on mmj, is that I can’t wear me made outfits for a couple of days, as I will be navigating the murky waters that is the hospital fashion industry of identikit tie back dressing gowns….
And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with morphine.