MMJ Day 15: Sorbetto top and Burda July 2011 preview

I finally got myself to print out the Sorbetto pattern offered for free by Colette Patterns. So many people have already made this top, but I was especially impressed by Marie of A Swewing Odyssey, who has made 3 already. Yes you read it right. 3!! And they are all awesome.
When making my version last night, I finally understood why Marie fell in love with the pattern. It is such an easy make, and the instructions are very simple to follow.
 I decided to opt out of the bias binding for the neckline and armholes, and went for piping instead. My earlier attempts to use piping had been disastrous, as I i did not have the right machine foot for the job. My Pfaff’s zipper foot is not like that of other brands so it was quite difficult to use it. I ordered a seperate piping foot, and that made the insertion so much easier. There really is a reason for all those extra machine feet. I will never, EVER, question the wisdom of seperate feet for different techniques.

Piped neckline

To finish the seams, I decided to try my hand at Hong Kong seams. I’ve decided that on small projects like these, I will try to make the insides as beautiful as possible. So I used bias tape to bind the seams.

Hong Kong seam

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I also checked the German Burda site, to see if I could find any previews of the July issue. From what I could see, this issue has a take on black city style. Which is good, for a stylish office wardobe. A bit dark for me now, but definitely a go for the wintery months,with colourful detailing of course. I love these black dressess.

For beach lovers….

As usual, the plus sized outfits steal the show.  I love this little red number. Is that red?

America clearly inspired the following outfits. Did they have to put the flag in the background as well? lol

For the romantics….I love the way the model poses in the lace dress, as if she is trying to drink some tea and calm herself down after having just read a letter from her lover, saying he is sorry, but he won’t be able to meet her later for their secret rendez-vous…….

So she decides to do some gardening…..

…..and goes out by herself anyways, to show him that she does not need a man to make her happy…..

This edition should hit the stands in about 2 weeks I think. I don’t know if I will make anything from this edition anytime soon, as I have a long list of projects I want to make from the previous editions, but I think I will  buy it all the same.

Have a nice day everyone.

MMJ day 14: Simple embelished top

The sun is out today, and I am feeling much better. The BBC weather report says its going to be nice this week, but Thursday will have some showers.  So for now, I am enjoying this sunshine.

This morning, I decided to embelish my top, and give it a different look. I have not really felt like sewing lately, so I thought I should just do a refashion, and save myself all the headache. So here goes:

  1. You will need an old top or new one, depending on your personal tastes.
  2. A purchased embelishment. You can make one yourself if you are so inclined.
  3. Matching thread and a needle

Lay your top down

Take your embellishment

Place it on your top, re-arranging it until you are satisifed with the placement.

Handsew it in place and trim the excess tulle

Wear it to work, and be proud of yourself !!!
I know its a lazy man project, but I like it. Its suitable for days when you really want a new outfit, but you don’t want to go through all the hassle of making one from scratch.

Have a nice day everyone.

MMJ Days 12 & 13

Day 12
Hi everyone. Sorry about missing a post yesterday. I just could not be asked really. The weather was just plain horrible. K went out in the morning to play golf, and I think the highlight of my day was knowing that the rain messed up their game abit. I know I’m being mean here, but I really was happy the rain got them. lol.
I spent all day curled up, doing nothing, well except going to Waitrose for groceries. It was such a lazy day. I had intended to make two skirts for work this week, but my mood was ultra low, so I just chilled out.
I wore my Simplicity 2638 maxi dress, with a cardigan, and covered myself with a blanket for most of the day. Stuffing my face with Hagen Daz Dulce de Leche and chocolate fudge cake.

I could not even muster a smile!!

DAY 13 
The bad weather continues today, but fortunately its not raining, just cold. So I decided to take today’s picture at my desk.
I hope I can sew something tonight.  I don’t think I’ll be able to finish anything because of the way I’m feeling, but it won’t hurt to at least start something. I don’t even know if I’ll feel like sewing by the time I get home. I hope I do. If I don’t, there’s still some left over ice cream and chocolate cake. That should be more than enough to cheer me up.
Today I wore the Simplicity dress I made using a 1980’s pattern, blogged about here. I did not tie a belt today, preferring to leave it loose, and it was really cormfortable.

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MMJ Day 11: Blogger meet-up

Today I hung out with the beautiful Melizza of Pincushiontreats, wearing one of my assembly line tops.Her birthday was a few days ago, so we decided to celebrate by doing what we both love best… guessed it all right…FABRIC SHOPPPING!!
She decided to take me to one of her favourite fabric joints called Rolls and Rems. It’s located in Holloway road, which is on the Piccadilly line, for anyone interested.
When I woke up this morning, I spent some time trying to think of the best way to tell my husband I was going out fabric shopping without receiving one of those didn’t-you-just-buy-more-fabric-last weekend looks. So the conversation went somewhat like this
Dibs (with the most nonchalant look ever invented) “oh, I will be going out shortly” 

Mr. Dibs (eyebrows arching): ” ok, where to?”

Dibs: Its my friend’s birthday, so we are just going for lunch, and we might check out some fabric  
            shops. but i already bought some fabric last week, so i’m not looking for anything

Mr. Dibs( with a comical look of undisguised relief): “ok dear, have fun
Oh, and what fun I had!!
Its amazing how quickly your steps widen when you see a fabric shop on the horizon. I met Melizza already there, with a latte in her hands, looking very chilled out and relaxed. Not me. I was on fire, and ready for some action. I quickly asked her where the remnant basket was ( as I always do when i enter a fabric shop). 
This was a proper remnant basket (box actually), with proper sized remnants. Measuring anything between 1.5 -5 metres of fabric, with the most expensive being £6.99. Now how awesome is that. And they kept adding to the pile, and we kept picking them up, almost snatching them from the poor guy’s hands. Fabric shopping is fun, but its so much more fun when you are with someone who loves fabric shopping as much as you. 

Melizza with her purchase
This is how satisfied people me, its true
Part of the shop

From there we went to the market, where I got some bias piping, and other stuff. Next stop was this car boot sale.

I surprisingly did not see anything I liked here!! SHOCKING.

At this point, our energy levels had plummeted to a not-so-respectable zero, and we headed to a Spanish restaurant for some much needed nourishment.

Melizza tucking in to delicious tapas
Taking a break from eating to pose 
Main course

So, what did I buy?

4metres of blue satin for, 4.5 metres of black taffeta, 3.5 metres of cotton lawn, 4 metres of blue flowery cotton, and 1.5 metres of green and cotton for the respectable sum of £29 !!

After I left Melizza, I headed off to Goldhawk road in search of a particular stretch cotton fabric. I am using it for Faye’s Summer Dress Challenge, and I forgot to cut the bodice front, and I ran out of fabric. So I went to the shop I got it from, and as was expected, it was sold out!! Shawnta suggested I use another fabric for the bodice, which i think is what i will do.

As usual, I could not come out of Goldhawk road empty handed. I found these in the remnant basket in one of the shops. They are all Italian cotton, and the least is about a metre, so these can give me 2 tops and 4 dresses. The cost of them all? 10 quid, thank you very much!!

I also got these, all six for a pound, which I will use in various projects, to embellish tops, or add sleeves.

So that was my day in review. 
As for Mr. Dibs, I took back a couple of beers for him. This was enough to draw his attention from the other bag in my left hand, which had all my fabric. smart non?
What have you all been up to?
Have a pleasant evening.

MMJ 10 & June Challenge Summer Dress 2: Ahh dotty dotty

Yesterday the “bug” bit me again. After having promised myself not to sew after work, i decided I wanted a new maxi dress. This time I made sure I chose a simple and fast project. I love sewing yes, but waking up like a zombie in the morning is not my cup of tea. I wanted a maxi dress with sleeves, but I did not have any patterns at home that could help me. So I decided to use the top half of my new look 6816 pattern, as the top of the dress, and then use a rectangle for the rest of the dress.
Last weekend, on coming back from my sister’s place, I decided to stop by goldhawk road, not to buy fabric, but to check out what lycra they had for swimming suits. I came out with so much fabric I had to hide them in the back garden before going through the front door, so my husband would not know I had fallen prey to the fabric buying sickness again.
One of the things I bought was this jersey fabric. I got 2.5 metres for £7. I used about 1.5 metres, so I still have some leftovers, which will should come in handy for another project. All in all, I spent about 2 hours from cutting to finishing. Not bad aye?
I decided to tie another headtie because my hair is horrible. I think I need to do my hair this weekend.

Porridge time yay!!!

Yum yum!!

Full view.
 Have a cracking weekend everyone.