MMJ 9 & June Challenge Summer Dress 1: The 1am dress

I finally got around to making one of the Lisette pattern dresses.
Yesterday I felt like wearing something blue to work today, and fortunately I had a blue fabric in my stash so off I went. Call me crazy if you will, for starting a dress after work, I certainly called myself all sorts of names when I woke up this morning at 7am. When I say “woke up”, i mean my mind was concious, my body was alert, but my eyelids would’nt stop their lovefest with each other. My eyes just wouldn’t open. I was soooo sleepy….and I still had not finished the dress. I did the hem this morning, opting to use bias binding on the hem as i thought it would be faster than pressing and folding and doing whatever it is you have to do to have a presentable hem. In the end I liked the look I achieved with the biased bound hem.
I made view B. The dress is not really complicated, but the zip was another matter. Normally, zip insertions at the back are pretty straightforward (not always with me), because the seam is straight. A side seam however (which is what this dress has), is curvy, and that comes with its own fair share of issues. The pattern calls for a lapped zip, and after spending 1 hour trying to figure out how to press 1.3cm on the right seam and 1.5 on the left, and not having it come out the way its supposed to, I gave up and used the centred zip technique. 
MEMO TO SELF: Dedicate a whole day (or weekend?) to the mastering of zips.
I did a little change with the skirt of the dress. Instead of using the skirt pattern provided, I used the skirt of my trusted Vogue 8232. I did that because I wanted to make sure it would fit, as I did not have enough time to fix things if something went wrong the Lisette skirt.
The armholes are finished with bias binding, as called for by the pattern instructions. Fortunately I had some blue bias binding at home, which I used.
Another thing I like about this pattern is the dart detail at the front. Its in the shape of a “Y”. When I was doing the darts, I did the right side first, and without ironing it, made the left side, then I turned it over to appreciate my handwork…..SHOCK ATTACK….it looked horrible. Like the little fool I can be sometimes, I did not press the first dart after stitching it. So I unpicked the stitches, and did the required pressing. The second attempt was a lot easier. So if you are thinking of making this pattern, DO NOT forget to iron the first dart before sewing the second one. It will make your life so much easier.

Passport Dress & Jacket Sewing Pattern

Notice the dart detail just above the waistline? I love it.

Biased hem

Take care, and have a lovely day.

MMJ Day 8

Today I am wearing another version of Vogue 8232, blogged about here.
This is one of those dresses that have a special place in my heart. It was really stress free to make, and  the inside is so neat because I finished all the seams with my overlocker. I really love this pattern, and I can see myself making it many times over. Someone will have to stage an intervention soon, else everything in my closet would have been made with this pattern. 

Lounging at work post breakfast, with my coke at my side.
 I’m addicted to coca-cola.

Have a good day everyone.

MMJ Day 7: I could be a model

Yes I could. Though statistically, I’ll be struggling.
I’m only 5ft4 so that disqualifies me for the runway i think. Still, there’s nothing wrong with playing along. So today, my official photographer suggested I pose like a professional model. Hmm….We took a lot of pictures, but I am only putting two on here. These two, are the ones where I look less silly, and I do still think I look silly in these…lol
I wore the dress I made by using my old top. I really like this dress, it was so easy to do, and it feels so cormfortable.

I’m not sure what I am doing with all these angles in the picture, but isn’t this what gets put

 in magazine spreads? lol

I have no clue what my photographer hoped to achieve with this pose. This was enough to convince me I would be a crap model, coz I was not supposed to laugh.

One thing i retained from todays photoshoot ( i insist on calling it that), is the fact that I am not cut out to be a professional model. I spent the whole time laughing, and gave completely different expressions to what my photographer was asking of me. Plus, when I used to watch america’s next top model, i used to cringe at some of the themes and challenges. I wouldn’t mind the money though, and the free stuff…ah…imagine not having to worry about the price of clothes.
I received some really helpful feedback yesterday regarding a good skirt pattern that would be easy to make for the rest of the june days ( thanks everyone). So I am currently checking them out, and will get 1 or two patterns this weekend.
There was the mention of pencil skirts. Ahem!! I am quite honestly scared of making one because I never get a good fit with pencil skirts. my waist is a size 10, and my hips fit into size 16 for pencil skirts….that, is alot of divide, so I tend to go for flared skirts. I used to be safe with A-Line skirts, but even they are getting quite dodgy on me now, except they are seriously flared.
I tried to draft a pencil skirt the other day, and when it came to connecting the waist and the hips, the diagram looked so strange. So either I don’t know how to draft a skirt, or there’s something rather strange with my body. I don’t think I will be trying that again. lol.

MMJ Day 6: Got the blues

Today has not been a very good day for me. Woke up today to more rain, and nothing dampens my mood faster than the sight of rain. I decided to wear my 1 hour experiment top because it was too cold to wear a dress. I’ve just realised that I only have summer related outfits, which won’t keep me warm when its cold. So that’s something to address sometime in the future.

Does anyone know of a really good skirt pattern I could use for work outfits?
Have a good evening!!

MMJ Day 5: Liberty induced fever

Today the boys and I went to Regent Street for a Spanish event called A Taste of Spain. We went there primarily to have a feel of what it would be like when we go to Majorca in August. I wore the  New Look 6025 top
Regent street is the home of Liberty, who are famous for their cotton lawn fabric. So naturally I popped into Liberty to check it out, and promptly came out with fever (more about that later). But first, 

Me and junior Mr.Dibs

Mr.Dibs and I

When I was reading about the event, they mentioned on their website that there will be freshly cooked paella, so I did not eat any breakfast today, keeping my hunger in check, to unleash it on the paella. Unfortunately for me, when we got there, they had only just started cooking it, and at that point, the music coming from my stomach could be heard all the way in Manchester…seriously, I kid you not. I was starving.

Giant paella pot!!
Close up look of the prawns…and boy were they large!!
Me before I realised  the paella would not be ready for another hour at least. I could not summon a smile after that, so needless to say, no picture of my disappointed face!
We walked further up, in search of a Spanish bar for food, and found this salsa couple dancing!

In the end we ended up in Nandos, and my smile miraculously reappeared. Funny that eh!

I left Mr and junior Mr.Dibs in Nandos and made my way to Liberty. It is such a lovely looking store. If you do ever find yourself in London, I recommend going there to look around, even if you are not buying anything.

I met a lovely shop assistant, who told me I could take pictures, and she offered to take the pictures for me. Wasn’t that sweet of her? I asked her what it felt like, working in the fabric section, and she said she has to pinch herself everyday not to buy fabric.

I can’t imagine myself working there. I would kill myself with joy first if I ever got  a job there, and if by some chance I did not succeed in killing myself, my husband will divorce me, because I will spend all my money there.

Standing near the Liberty classics. These cost £19.95/metre
more fabric!
Beautiful trimmings
more trimmings
stuff for fascinators and other tidbits
Amy Butler and Kaffe Fasset Fabrics
I developed a fever, just looking at the beautiful Tana lawns on offer, and knowing I was not going to get any. I looked in my handbag for emergency painkillers, but realised I had changed bags that morning so I did not have any with me. 
In the end, to cure my fever,I bought a few sewing machine needles, for jeans, leather, and knits, bias bindings, elastic tape insertion guide, and water soluble pens for markings. I did not buy any fabric, not because I could control myself, but because I can’t justify paying £19.95 for a metre of fabric. no matter how beautiful that fabric is….That helped my fever, and I am once again feeling fine.
Its the start of another week, and I only have outfits to last me till sunday. So I really have to sew alot this week, against the following week. How many days do we have left till the end of June? 
have a nice week