MMJ day 4: I hate my sister!!

Well technically I don’t hate my sister, BUT, I would love to have the ability to hate her.
I spent the night at my older sister’s place, and so we went out today. Of course when it came to time for my MMJ picture shoot, she offered to be part of the pictures. I very wisely refused to take a picture with her, because she looked so glamorous, and I was like a little housemaid by her side, so I put my feet down, and said NO!!
Would you, in all honesty, have stood next to someone who liked like this?

Naomi Campbell eat your heart out….I ate mine ages ago growing up with my sister!!!

Or this?

I would soooooooo love to hate…unfortunately, I’ve got nothing but love for this gal!!

OR would you have done the sensible thing, like I did, by sending your shoes and handbag to represent you in a picture?

My bag and shoes, flying the flag for yours truly!!

And this is how I looked, wearing a self drafted maxi dress. I know my sewing skills are still quite basic, but I would love to make clothes that look shop bought. So my take-home lesson today, is to step up my sewing game, in order to produce professional looking garments. That, or drink SKIMMED water for the rest of my life so I can have my sister’s body!!…lol

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

MMJ day 3: Joseph’s got nothing on me

Joseph had a technicolour coat.
That’s a fact.
He did not, however, have a technicolour dress.
I DO!!
And that, people, is A FACT!!
The sun had gone down at this point, but I INSISTED on wearing my shades. ain’t nothing messing my look!!!

I decided to channel my inner african chica with the headgear.
In Cameroon ( where I’m from), we love tying our heads up. Its very elegant, especially with our traditional attires. I think I have to make an african attire one of these days, complete with a headtie( what we call them).
 I made this dress over the weekend, blogged about here. For the hem, I used my overlocker to make a roll hem. That was really cool, and I was grateful I did not have to spend time pressing and sewing the hem.

Fear not, I was not about to jump into the river!

I was simply marvelling at the beauty of the world around me!!
A big thank you to everyone who encouraged me to continue wearing bright colours. One of the reasons I love them is that they make me happy. I always dread winter months here in the UK because all the shops only stock dark colours. So no matter how hard I tried, I could never find anything bright enough to brighten up my winter blues. Thankfully, by December this year, I will be in control of my own wardrobe, and will be able to sew whatever I want to wear. Imagine wearing pistachio in the middle of winter. lol…I know for sure there will be loads of head turning….
Have a good day everyone.

MMJ Day 2: Give me some cake!!

Today I wore the Butterick 5351 Dress. I decided to tone down the color because my sister said I was going to kill people with alot of colour, and I do not want to go to jail. So here, I am, making it a sombre affair (my idea of sombre that is!!)

Posing like the GOOD little girl Iam

Attempting a model-like pose…..wait, what is that I see across the field?

Ahh!!! cake…now give me some of that!
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I stuffed my face like there was no tomorrow at work. Students doing placements at our company were having a fundraising event for a mental health charity, and I supported them wholeheartedly…..I bought three pieces of cake, with no thought to the damage it will do to my body. I think I might have to readjust some of my dresses because I know where all those calories will settle….ah, the joys of the female body.

Have a good evening everyone.

Me Made June ’11: Day 1

050 by Dibs and the machine

049 by Dibs and the machine

So here we are!!.

Day one of MMJ. I am quite nervous, as is to be expected, because this is my first challenge. And what a challenge it is. Pledging to wear 1 piece of item I made myself for the duration of June sounded pretty cool at first, but as soon as I took the pledge, I started wondering if i was insane.

One thing I am liking about it already though, is the fact that it is pushing me to new productive levels.

So, I am starting with this Vogue dress I made in April.

People in the canteen were wondering what I was up to, when I whipped out my camera for a photoshoot. I thought the canteen would be the best place to shoot this one, as it is the place I LOVE spending time in at work. Yep!!, you guessed right. I LOVE food!!