Burda August 2011 Picks

Its that time of the month again when I go searching for what Mama Burda will be trhowing our way at the end of the month.

August sees Burda attempting to lure the vintage lovers, with a nod to styles from the past like this dress with the interesting collar detail. A definite do for me.

I also love the neckline of this dress:

This fitted dress is so pretty, but hellas, not for me. I wish I could find a way to draft a simple dress like this sheath. I probably could, but I am too lazy.

I also like the frilly look of this blouse

and this skirt

and this dress, though I won’t be making it. I love the plunging neckline. quite va va voom….sorry Mr.Dibs, no chance of you seeing me in this!!!! Though I could use the bodice and a skirt from another pattern. That will be pondered while on the beach ( feel free to feel jealous of the image of me chillaxing on the beach and dreaming of potential dress combinations)!!

and the special pattern of this issue is this chiffon number, for which I have managed to convince myself I have just the perfect fabric for.

I love the fact that Burda has reintroduced the special patterns feature in every issue. They had stopped it one point. The past issues I got from the Belgian flea market all have special patterns in them. So its good to see Burda trying to impress us.

 There is a Spanish pattern magazine called Patrones, and they feature designer patterns as their special patterns. I have never found them in the UK to buy, but Melissa of Fehr Trade has alot of information on how to order them from various sources I think. She sew alot with pattern magazines, and has done a good review of the various ones she uses here.I am going to be on the look out for them while in Spain. Is anyone interested in this magazine? If you are, just drop a line. I’ll try to get extra copies while I am there.

Do not forget to enter the Pattern Magic 1 & 2 giveaway if you are interested in those books.

Lady in Red

I posted earlier about going for my friend’s wedding, and deciding to use my red Lulu guinness Lips clutch, with the red head piece I made a couple of weeks ago. I had hoped to make a dress in a different colour, and match it with the same coloured shoes, so all the while in Belgium, I was on the look out for some interesting fabric, and possibly shoes. Unfortunately, I came back with a pair of black shoes bought for me by my cousin, and no dress or fabric in a good enough colour.
As you all know, I came back on Tuesday, and I have not really had time to make any dress, or go shoppping for a new dress. So I had to go through my wardrobe, to try and knock up an outfit. Earlier this year, I had gone to Christchurch to visit my friend, for a crafty weekend. We went thrifting, and I came home with alot of things, one of which was a size 18 red pleated skirt, bought for £5. I decided to wear it with a black bustier I had, with the black shoes my cousin bought for me in Belgium.
On my way from work on friday, I stopped by Oxfam, just to see if they had any sewing related stuff, and found a lovely pair of red shoes, which I quickly grabbed, for £6. This completely changed my outfit in my head, as I decided to wear the red shoes instead of the black one. I also decided to use only the red skirt, and wear it as a dress.

singing while cooking and getting ready to refashion my skirt.

one more “BEFORE” picture and looking like a village idiot!!

Changes I made to the skirt:

1)I Measured my chest, just above my bust.
2) I cut elastic using measurement of chest, plus 1cm extra for seam allowance.
3)Next I opened up the waistband of the skirt and took out the weakend elastic.
4)I replaced the old elastic with the new one. My friend does not have a sewing machine, so I had to do this by hand sewing.
5) Then I used some of the trim I bought at the flea market in Antwerpen on the waistband, then used the rest as a belt.

In Church with Mr.Dibs

My Marilyn moment!!

Full view!!

 So there! 
 I forgot to take a picture with my Lips clutch, but trust me, it was there.
I am currently working on my holiday wardrobe, as we go away next friday. I am soooooooooo excited. Can’t wait. I am hoping I will be able to crack trouser making by next week, so I can at least make a pair of shorts. Either that, or I won’t be spotted in shorts during the spain sojourn. We don’t want that now do we?
I am also very happy with the amazing response to the Pattern Magic giveaway. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far, its been really funny reading all your drafting disasters. Its comforting to know that I am not the only one having issues with simple paper and pencil..lol.. For a chance to enter this giveaway, please check out this post. The giveaway is open till the 31st of July.
Take care everyone

Pattern Magic 1 and 2 Giveaway!!!

Hiya peeps.

Ok, in my overzealousness, I bought two english language copies of pattern magic, hoping I would be able to make at least 1 thing from them. The books came about 3 weeks ago, and after my initial excitement of having them, I have decided that they are not for me. Not at this point in my pattern drafting life. I know, I know, I could keep them and wait for my pattern making skills to catch up with the projects in the books, but I fear, they will not be, not anytime soon.

Pattern Magic 2

So I figure, why keep them to myself to gather dust, when someone out there could make perfect use of them. So, I am giving them away.

The rules for the give away are simple,
Blushing Smiley
1) You must be a follower of my blog (new followers welcomed ) 

2) You should leave a comment about your biggest pattern drafting failure ( I have had many)
3) This giveaway is open to everyone in every nook and cranny of this world. Posting will be free of charge wherever you are.
4) The give away will end at midnight London time (GMT+1) on 31st July 2011.
5) Scientifically proven random methods of randomness shall be employed to randomly select the winner(s) from randomly placed entiries to ensurre a total randomification of the randomised giveaway proces…..makes sense? ….didn’t think so….

So, please do tell your friends about this giveaway. Looking forward to your entries and pattern drafting failure stories.

Belgian Flea Market finds

I came back from Belgium on Tuesday, and saying its been manic at work will be a major understatement.
I had such a great time in Belgium although I did not do 2 things I had been looking forward to doing.
1) I did not go to Amsterdam. Complications complications. I had to go with my cousin, but she could not take time off work, so I was limited to Brussels and Antwerp.
2) I did not meet up with Santie as planned for our fabric shopping date. She unfortunately was not working in Antwerp last week, so no meet-up.
That did not stop me from going fabric shopping though. I managed to track down one fabric shop I found online called Maison Doree in Brussels. And it was really lovely. So many nice things to see, and touch. They had a wonderful jersey collection, but the price!!! I came out with 1.4 metres of a lovely fabric for €15…gasp!!! yes, I coughed up that much. and in my forgetfulness, I did not take a picture of the fabric. So I will have to do that at some point in time.
On Sunday, my cousin and I went to a flea market in Antwerp.Inspired by Molly, who always blogs about her wonderful finds, I persuaded my cousin to go bargain hunting with me. And what a trip it was.
First up, though not from the flea market, I got these two magazines. The first one, is in french, which is ok, since I read french, but the second one is in Dutch ( or Flemish??), so I have no idea how I will use that one. but no matter, if I can buy Japanesse craft books, then I can handle this too.
The french one, Tendances Couture, is really nice, and such a bargain because it only features Simplicity patterns. Imagine having to pay about  €5 max for about 12 Simplicity patterns. I first saw this magazine when I went for Zoe’s MMJ Brighton meet-up. Santie brought it along for the swap, and I was so confident I was the only one who could read French there, I kept my desire to have it quiet. Too quiet, and a tad late. Tilly, it turns out, lived in Paris for a while…..yes….she took the magazine. lol.

At the flea market, I bought 11 past issues of Burda for the grand sum of €2.40. Yeah!!! They were 20cents each. They are all in Dutch too.

Then this ironing sleeve board for €2

A knitting bag with knitting needles inside for €2

A wooden bowl which I intend to use to block pill box hats with  – 50cents

A leather organiser – €1

vintage lace galore €1 for all

more lace, 3 thimbles, brown velvet ribbon, green buckle and sutff for jeans, all for €1.50.

I also bought a bag of 25 silver buckles for €3

a cute little battery operated hand sewing machine for €1

some fabric which I was told by the seller was from the early 90s.  Roughly 1.8metres each, at €1.50 each. The grey corduroy will hopefully end its life as a Beignet skirt.

Oh, and look what I found in a newspaper store? Karen this reminded me of you!!

And I leave you with a picture of my new hairdo!!

Afro Baby!!!

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Wine and Fascinators at Craft Central

A couple of months ago, I was able to convince my friend at work to accompany me to a craft event at Craft Central. On the menu, was fascinators. At the time of booking, and even now, Craft Central had Katherine Elizabeth down as the instructor, so I was really excited to go to this event, as I would have loved to meet a real life milliner. And a successful one at that. When we got there however, no signs of Katherine Elizabeth. In her place? 3 other instructors. Now I don’t mean to be grumpy, but I bought the tickets for my friend and I because Katherine Elizabeth’s name was on the flyer, and I expected to see her. Oh well, I suppose you get what you pay for. The tickets cost £19.99 so maybe it takes more dosh to get a star milliner.
Rant over, I had fun though. The girls who were teaching us were really nice, and had some really cool tricks, which I hope I can remember in future. I think I can feel another grumpy rant struggling to come out.
Okay, so, we were kind of thrown in the deep end. There was a short explanation of what you could do with feathers and felt, and then we were asked to make our own fascinators. Make!! Ok, if I did not have an idea about fascinators, I would have been lost. But then again, I suppose with only 2 hours, there’s just so much you can fit in. I am happy they had this format though (despite my grumpiness), because it encouraged us to express ourselves through the hats. I kinda went crazy …lol…..i think!!

I think I was more interested in the wine. My friend does not drink alcohol, so I was quite happy to help her with her wine. This is me trying to figure out what to do with my piece of felt, while drinking wine of course.

Trying to get a feel of the felt. Notice my feather?

On the way home. I felt absolutely fine on the walk to the station and during the train ride home. Stopping to ask people if they liked my hat, and if they thought it was something Lady Gaga would wear.

I think I have been watching too many Lady Gaga videos of late. I have no idea why I made this feather piece. I just liked the madness of having a purple feather jutting out from my hair.

My friend made this one, but she gave it to me because she said alice bands hurt her head. So I came home with three pieces. Cool right?

Purple and proud!!!

All in all, I had a really fun night. The wine had a large part to play in that though. One thing I will keep in mind for future attempts at hat making though, is to keep the wine well away. Wine and hat making don’t go together in my case. The wine made me bold (?), and I imagined myself as a world famous couture milliner working against time for a collection for Lady Gaga’s world tour.
I wonder if these two pieces I made are indicative of the kind of milliner  I would be. Not for me the shy and retiring cute little fascinator. Oh no!! I was more interested in the bold and wacky. Maybe not wacky….hopefully not wacky….lets settle on interesting shall we? I really like making hats, because you can let yourself go wild with ideas. Whether I will ever be able to make hats people want to wear is another matter, to be explored at a latter date. For now though, I shall contend myself with making and hopefully wearing things which I think are an expression of my personality.
The purple one, I don’t know where I’ll wear it to yet, but I know I will definitely wear it because I am proud of it ( even if it is admittedly abit wonky), and I have made up my mind to celebrate my makes by wearing them all the time. Me Made June has instilled in me a sense of pride and I will continue to wear everything I make (nice ones of course). So a big THANK YOU to Zoe for giving me the confidence to wear my stuff. I don’t care if I get laughed at, as I am sure I will when I wear my purple construct, but I don’t care. I made it, and I shall wear it ( with a glass of wine just before stepping out of course).
The red one shall be worn on saturday the 16th of July for my friend’s wedding. I don’t know what dress I will wear yet. But I was recently handed a Lulu Guinness Lips clutch:
So I have a red clutch and a red hat, I wonder what colour dress and shoes I could wear. Any suggestions?
I am going to Belgium today after work, so I might not get time to blog as often as I would like, but I will take loads of pictures to share, so you can see me looking like an excited muppet in fabric shops.
have a nice day.