Millinery Course Interview : Part One

I am in a little tight spot.

It seems I started jubilating too early over something.

Remember a couple of months ago I stated that I was going to start a millinery course in september at Kesington College? Well it turns out I had spoken too soon. For I received an email stating I was to come for an interview, with samples of hats I have made, on the 8th of September. hmm!!!

Now, I have not made many hats, and the ones I have made might not get me unto the course. So I have to make more. I had planned on starting my autumn sewing as soon as I got back on saturday, but I´m afraid this will have to be pushed back until I am sure I have made about 3 or 4 hats. Oh boy!!

I don´t even know where to start. Does anyone know anyone who has done this course before, or something similar, and who had to present samples of their work?

For the hats, I am thinking since Autumn and Winter are around the corner, I could start with hats relevant to those seasons. So :

  • Cloche
  • Beret
  • Newspaper Boy

 Cloche Hats

Can anyone remember Angelina Jolie in Changeling???


Newspaper Boy!!

Curtesy of Stained Couture

I love cloche hats, so I think that is a good place to start. The Weekend Designer has a lovely tutorial to make this Banana Republic cloche hat.

I also have two millinery books which I think will help me with the beret and the newspaper boy cap.

Hats!! by Sarah Cant

Design and Make Fashion Hats by Karen Henriksen

These are a couple of Karen Henriksen´s hats which gives me an idea of the type of newspaper boy hat to make.

Curtesy of Chicago Sartorialist

and I just love this piece by Sarah Cant

So all in all, I have my work cut out I think. It does not help that next weekend I have to go to Germany (Dusseldorf actually) to see my step-mom who is visitng my cousin. My step-mom is visitng from Cameroon, and this is an opportunity for me to see her as I am not sure I will be going home this christmas.

I wonder what colours I could make the hats in. What do you recommend?

Have a nice day everyone.

Good news aplenty!!

I´ve been in an epic battle today with Alcudian mosquitoes. I am quite sad to say I am losing the battle. I don´t want to loose the battle, but I know I will !!.

It would have been ok if they just feasted off my honeyed blood in silence. But NO!! They have the effontery to be noisy about it!! Little gits!!!

Anyways, at this point, I am not too piqued about my impending loss in this battle.

Know why? No????

oh well, I fell upon two things today that have made me so happy, I almost shouted out to all the little Alcudian misqui-misquies  to come dine on me to their hearts content. I would not have noticed the loss of blood. For you see, I read today that Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns has a book coming out in November!!!…..November!!! my birthday month.

I was born on the 30th of November, so needless to say I am quite excited. I thought long and hard today about putting this on my bday/christmas gift list, but in the end I decided not to. I am aiming for a Coverlock machine or an SLR camera this bday/christmas from Mr.Dibs, so I might as well buy this book myself. I will leave all the expensive stuff to the Mr.

The second thing which made my day, is the fact that the Selfish Seamstress is back!!!

Elaine (Selfish Seamstress), was the first blogger that got me hooked on sewing and blogging. I found her blog through the Coffee date dress pattern she so generously offered for free on Burdastyle, and when I ran into difficulties making the facing, she sent me a link to a tutorial that helped me. That is how kind she is.

She´s been gone since December 2010, but she is back now. Thank God for that!!

If by some miracle you have not heard of her, please do check out her blog. She is very funny, and has loads of free stuff on it.

Take care everyone!!

Missing my machine!!!

How sad can one´s life get?

I am here in a sunny place, but I wish I was home.

Strange right?

Maybe not. For those of you who don´t live in the UK, you will have noticed by now that all we in the UK seem to moan about is the weather, and lack of sunshine. So why is that I am moaning….again….when I am lucky enough to be enjoying a sunny trip?

I am homesick.

Don´t get me wrong. I am happy here in spain with my family, but I just feel there´s something missing. I miss my machine. I miss sewing. I miss wondering if I am sewing in a straight line. I miss getting frustrated with my sewing project.  And it does not help that I keep seeing all the wonderful things my sewing friends keep making.


Normally when I see something I like, I want to try my hand at it immediately. Unfortunately I can´t do that here, because my husband would have killed me if I had brought my sewing machine along ( yeah it also sounds pathetic to me now), and I also forgot my fabric paints. I had planned on doing some fabric painting, but in the mad rush from the house to the airport, forgot my paints. So, I have nothing remotely creative to do. That kills me. If anything, my trip has made me realise how much sewing has taken over my life.

I´ve only got a couple of days left to soak up the sun. I know as soon as I come back to London I will start moaning again about the weather, but for now, I´m happy to moan about not being able to sew.

Right, now that my little moaning spell is over, I shall retire to my novel and some sangria.

Do you also miss your machine when you are away from it?

Take care ladies.


Pattern Magic 1 & 2 Winners

Well well well!!!

These are the winners of the giveaway. I tried to use the random number generator, but to show the results, I have to take a picture of the results, and post it on the blog. This computer I am using is a public one, and as such does not (for resaons unknown) have MS Word, or any thing to which I can paste said picture to edit it. I even tried saving it, and uploading it to picnik, but that did not work. So you will just have to trust me that I did this fairly, and all I have done, is copy the results, and pasted them here.

I have also decided to do two draws for the two books, as I think its only fair that as many people have a chance as possible.

Pattern Magic 1

True Random Number Generator 14 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Winner: Minnado ( Minnado´s House)
Pattern Magic 2
True Random Number Generator 2 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Winner: Louise (Here´s what I did today).
And I have a third winner, for a mystery present. I think I am getting carried away with this number generator thing. lol. So lets see who will get my unknown present.
True Random Number Generator 20 Powered by RANDOM.ORG


Winner : Created by Eve.

I don´t know what I will give you yet, but I will let you know as soon as I am back.

Could the winners please let me know their email addresses please?

thank you.


Pattern Magic 1 and 2

Hi everyone,

I have taken a few minutes away from sunbathing and drinking sangria to let you know that I shall be doing the draw for the books later this evening. I am presently on my way out to soak up more sunshine ( ain´t life sweet?).

I need to work out how to install the random number selection app and then choose the winners. I will only be able to post the books when I come back, which will be in about 10 days time. I´m so sorry for the extra time.

In other good news, I now have more than 100 followers. yay!!!!!!!

I´m so happy. Thank you to everyone who follows me, and who makes me feel like I actually do write sense. lol. granted I might not do all the time, but at least you seem to think I do. So I will be doing another give away when I come back to london .

I have not gone shopping for any sewing related stuff yet. Too busy drinking chilled wine… are permitted to get jealous you know……but I am hoping I do so within the coming days, when we rent a car and go down to Palma. Does anyone know of any fabric shopping places in Palma? I can´t seem to find any online.

right, off I go.

Take care everyone.