Work in Progress……Simplicity 7558

Ok, so let it never be said I do not listen to advice!!!

During one of my pathetic moaning spells about the lack of nice maternity patterns,Debi Marie and Scruffy suggested I try out vintage patterns. Marie even did a search for me on Etsy for maternity dresses. Talk about dedication to vintage wear. I did find one pattern I liked…….Simplicity 7558

I searched the internet for any completed version to see what it would look like. I only saw one version of it, made by Julie of Julie’s Blog. I fell in love COMPLETELY with her rendition of it, and would have gone for the same fabric choice as her, but I have already spent all of my meagre monthly fabric money, so that Houndstooth version will have to wait till November.

I have this thick knit fabric I am going to use. I don’t know how it will come out, but the pattern did say you could also use bonded knits. I have no idea what that means, but I am going to experiment with this fabric. I got it cheap anyway, for £1/metre. I have 3 metres of it this, and if I mess up, I will go back to where I got it from. It is somewhere near Tottenham Hale tube station.Its the fabric outlet for a knit fabric manufacturer, and the most expensive fabric there is £2/metre.

This is their address.

Cannon Street Jersey Fabrics Ltd

Knitted Fabric Manufacturers, Finishers And Printers
TEL: 020 8885 9401   FAX: 020 8885 9410

There is A LOT to be bought there. Some of it is quite comical, but you will DEFINITELY find something you want, like good interlock knit for £1/metre. Word of warning though, they do not take cards, so go there with cash, and make sure you take a trolley with you. Trust me!!!. 


Sewing for tiny people and the snood bug.

I am so happy!!. I finally made something after many months of inactivity. Granted its nothing fancy, but it was for a good cause, and it gave me a slow reintroduction to my machine.
Yesterday we made a surprise baby shower for one of my friends and I thought instead of buying a present, I should use the opportunity to make one. Giving her something made by me, which would be unique, and also helping me practice sewing for babies.  
So, I bought some plain white onesies from John Lewis and decided to appliqué them with some leftover fabric I had at home, and also made matching burb cloths and bibs. The pictures are not very good, I know, so do forgive the bad quality. I forgot to take pictures of them when I finished, so these are pics from the baby shower. I decided to include a washing line as part of the baby shower decorations, and the sets were a huge hit with the guests.

These are the first baby related things I have ever made, and sewing them was really easy. I am looking forward to making loads of appliquéd onesies for the wee one when she comes. I had never done an applique before, and I must say it can get quite addictive.
Another friend recently gave birth to a baby girl. Did anyone say more onesies? Oh well, I have to make sets for her little girl too, because she really loved the ones I made for the baby shower, and wants some. So, more sewing for tiny people.
I’ve also discovered the world of Fat Quarters!!. Why did no one ever tell me about them? When I was trying to decide what fabric to use for the babyshower project, I went online looking for ideas, and saw so many beautiful prints. In true Dibs style, I quickly ordered some fat quarters from Saints and Pinners. I am still to decide what to do with them, but its quite exciting knowing that you don’t have to use alot of fabric to make cute little things for babies.
In other news, I’m currently knitting a snood. yes!! I said it!!. Karen’s snood bug has caught me, and I am working on a turquoise snood. Now, I mentioned before that I find knitting hard, and crochet easier. I still do, but I am determined not to let the little matter of me not knowing how to knit prevent me from rocking a snood this winter. Especially as I am currently recovering from a nasty cold. I reckon if I had made this snood earlier, I would not have fallen victim to this cold. But  not to worry. Knit a snood, I shall. I have no clue when I will finish it, bit I know it will definitely be sometime before Christmas….no pressure here.
Have a lovely week everyone!!

So Ironic it hurts

A young woman, not really interested in fashion.
She falls pregnant, and watches her waistline go
and all of a sudden……..she develops an interest in fashion and an addiction to
But there’s scant fashionable stuff out there for the burgeoning belly.

Now isn’t this ironic? Don’t you think.