Its Stuff like this that makes me wonder why I live in The UK

I am sorry guys. This is not a sewing related post, but I just had to share this video with you.

I do not understand how a woman would carry an innocent baby on her legs, and then go on to spew such nonsense.

I am not even going to make this video about racism because she talks about Polish people as well. All I can say is that as a hard working immigrant, it pains me to see someone talk like this. The colour of my skin should not  give people the right to assume that I am not deserving to be in this country. It is rather unfortunate that I am going to be here for the rest of my life because of Mr.Dibs. That is a bad thought to have, but I can’t help having it. I hate negativity but people like this make it impossible for me to be positive all the time.

I came to the UK 6 years (2005) ago to go to school. My intention was not to remain in the UK. Far from it. I have a wonderful family back home whom I miss dearly. My dad died in 2007 without me seeing him. That is the most painful thing that has ever happened to me, not seeing him before he passed away. I did not choose to run away from my country. I came here to get a good education so I could go home and help advance my country. I do not claim state benefits. I have worked for all 6 years  that I have been here, and I have paid my taxes. I did not come to the UK to sponge off the British people. I paid £11,000 for a 1 year Masters degree. That is more than 3 times the amount a British student pays. I did not complain. I did that because I know the educational system here is amongst the best in the World.

Yes racism exists! Yes I have noticed a marked increase in the number of job interviews I get since my surname changed from an African one to a British one. And yes I have witnessed enthusiastic interviewers (following a phone interview) visibly going into shock when I walk into an interview room and trying unsuccessfully to hide their shock that I was black. That never bothered me because I know as human beings, we gravitate more towards, or have a preference for people who look or sound like us. But this video does. This is a clear example of a mother poisoning the mind of a baby. I can’t even imagine what that child will grow up to think if his mother persists in her hatred for all things foreign.

I suppose I am rambling now, but it pains me to know that things like this still exist in the world. Is this the kind of society my baby will grow up in?

Have a nice week everyone.