Catford Sewing and Knitting Group

Hi folks, thank you so much for the lovely words of support you all gave me regarding my missed trip to Scotland, and the health issues behind it. It means a lot to me to know that I have friends out there who care. The fact that I have not even met all of you yet makes it all the more special.
You all have the eternal gratitude of Mr.Dibs, who woke up at 6:30am on Saturday morning to the sounds of me crying on the phone to House of Pinheiro , who was on her way to the airport, and trying her best to console this hysterical person on the other side of the line. After she managed to calm me down, and we hung up, all Mr.Dibs could say was “she sounds really nice”, to which I snapped “They are all very nice”. He got a better understanding of my last statement when I told him the girls were sending me a parcel through Houseof Pinheiro. How can you not love being a part of such a generous and loving sewing community?
Which brings me to a more serious matter…..
St.Laurence Church, Catford.
 Home of the Catford Sewing and Knitting Group.

A couple of days ago, I got an email from a lovely lady called Delphina, telling me about a new sewing and knitting group in Catford, in South London, which will go into operation at the end of the month. It is council-funded ( how cool is that?), and it is completely free to join. However, since it is Council funded, priority is given to Lewisham borough residents. Delphina did point out the fact that they have space for 12-15 people, so she’s certain of the fact that a few non-residents might also be included.
Unfortunately, I live very far from Catford, but I am sure one of you might be able to take advantage of this wonderful initiative. I wish I had one like this in my borough.
So here are few FAQs about the Catford Sewing and Knitting Group.


1) How much does it cost?

Nothing! We are a ‘not-for-profit’ community group funded by Lewisham Council. However, space is limited so we operate ‘first-come-first-served’ at tables.

2) Where do you meet?

From 11am – 5.30pm (6pm final close), every Saturday, except the 3rd Sat of each month, in the ‘Youth Room’ at St Laurence Hall, Bromley Road (

3) Do you teach sewing, knitting, embroidery, crochet etc?

We do not teach classes in sewing, knitting, embroidery or crochet. We are an informal drop-in for people who already know how to pattern cut, sew, knit, crochet or embroider and are confident in completing projects on their own. We provide a supportive environment only.

4) Do you provide sewing machines?

No. Our small budget does not cover this. Everyone must bring their own sewing or knitting machine, materials and yarn. We also do not provide spare needles, scissors or bobbins.
Rolls & Rems dressmaking shop in Lewisham is a 10-min bus ride away and stocks an impressive range of fabrics, yarns and haberdashery items at affordable prices.

5) Do you allow children?

For Health & Safety reasons, we cannot allow children under 16 in the room.

6) Is there wheelchair access?

Yes. St Laurence has full wheelchair access.

7) What facilities are there?

The room can hold approx. 12-15 people in all. We have one cutting table, a dummy, a steam iron, ironing board and full-length mirror. Please note: St Laurence has no wifi.

8) Do you provide refreshments?

We can provide a limited supply of tea and coffee.

9) Can I bring my own lunch?

Yes, sandwiches are fine. You must take your rubbish away with you. Catford High Street has a wide range of eateries and a large Tesco if you prefer to go out for lunch.

10) Is there parking?

Yes. St Laurence has parking in the rear for approx 25 cars. If this is full, the nearby streets of Culverly Road and Penerly Road are free to park on a Saturday. Just make double sure you are not on a line or blocking anyone’s driveway!

11) What buses/trains stop nearby?

If using public transport, we recommend you use a sturdy trolley or suitcase to bring your machine, fabrics and sewing box. Catford is well served by two rail stations and many bus routes stop near the hall;

PLEASE NOTE: Any table left unattended for 45 mins will be given to the next person waiting.
Your machine and materials will be carefully removed and stored for when you come to collect.
You join the group on this understanding.







MARCH 2012


APRIL 2012


MAY 2012


If you, like me, are not physically able to be a part of this group, you can still keep up to date with their activities by following their blog….yes, its up and running already.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Sew Weekly: Simplicity 3673

I finished the simplicity dress during the week, but as I was home all week, I could not wear it to work for my friend to take a picture of it, and by the time Mr.Dibs comes home, its already too dark to take nice pictures.

I’m feeling much better today, so I decided to do some posing. I whipped out the afro wig for some reinforcements…..

I probably should have added more length at the front. The hem is quite wide, so I can always undo that and redo the hem with more allowance at the front.

 Mr.Dibs said I looked like a grumpy cow and ordered me to smile….

The dress called for lining, but I did not have any suitable lining at home, and going to buy one was not feasible so I just used bias tape on the armholes and neckline. The top ( I cut size 16) was massive. So either my babaloons have not become as big as I think they have, or the pattern is just sized for bigger busts. To rectify this problem, I made two tiny pleats at the neckline. I don’t know if you can see them, but they are there.

I also used a velvet trim at the waist (bust?) seamline.

This is the first maternity wear I have completed, which is such as shame as I only have 10weeks left. I am still convinced I can make more, but as my body has already proven, I should not make plans.

More pictures outside, with my clutch which served as my inspiration…

This week’s Sew Weekly challenge called for the use of buttons. I am now 1 week behind on the challenges, but I am going to do them all the same. I know that at some point in the year, I will catch up with the rest of the girls.  I have been making cover buttons lately, and I still have to choose what I will use for my next challenge amongst these two sets….

Which do you prefer?

A little bit of biology

Saturday 21st January 2012.

That is the date of today.
I’m not saying you don’t know what today’s date is.
I am just saying it is Saturday 21st January 2012.
In my Calendar, it is marked “Crafter’s Ceilidh”
Yes, the same one blogged about here.
The same one that was supposed to provide me with 1 final bout of fabric related excitement before I became  too heavy to wobble anywhere.
Following the natural order of things, I would have been sitting on a train en route to Edinburgh, via Darlington, to meet-up with some lovely ladies. I had made up numerous scenarios on how I would scream when I met the other girls, right down to the pitch of my voice when I finally said “Hi, I’m Dibs, and its so nice to finally meet you” to people I have  been admiring for some time. I even had a dream about meeting Roobeedoo, yeah Roo, thats how much of a fan I am.
What I did not count on though, was the small matter of biology. I was so sure the only thing that could possibly stop me from going to Edinburgh would be a really expensive train ticket. I did get a really good deal on my train ticket, so all I had to do was cross my legs and wait for today to arrive.
My body however, had other plans. I have been having mobility problems lately. This started to get worse just after christmas, and even though I have spent more time at home than at work since the start of this year, I was so positive I would be better by today. And so I let my excitement grow. On monday, as I was limping to work, the guard at the gate gave me a sympathetic look, and said I should not have come in to work. I smiled indulgently, and wobbled along.
My manager upon seeing me hanging unto the walls for support as I made numerous mandatory bladder emptying trips, quickly ordered a taxi for me to go right back home, with strict instructions not to come to work until I had seen a doctor. 
I did see a doctor, and she told me I was suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Yes….I thought the same thing you are probably thinking right now. What a fancy name, for a not very fancy ailment. When I went home, I checked online, and found this description from

What is symphysis pubis dysfunction? 

The two halves of your pelvis are connected at the front by a stiff joint called the symphysis pubis. This joint is strengthened by a dense network of tough, flexible tissues, called ligaments. To help your baby pass through your pelvis as easily as possible, your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which softens the ligaments.

As a result, these joints move more during and just after pregnancy, causing inflammation and pain, known as symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD. 

The result of this, my friends, is that I am now reduced to using my phone to call Mr.Dibs, who is almost always watching The Big Bang Theory, and asking him to bring me a glass of water in bed. If I have to empty my treacherous bladder, I either have to creep to the bathroom, or reach for my phone and call Mr.Dibs to report to the room for his ever increasing Florence Nightingale duties. 
I’m sorry if you rather not be reading my unglamorous health problems, but I am just so disappointed I am not presently in Scotland, that I wanted to share my pain…….yes, I am that mean. 
I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the event. I don’t know how I will feel seeing all the fun I am missing now, but I can’t wait to see them. How pathetic is that? Mr. Dibs said I will get to go to other meet-ups, that my life does not have to end when Noah comes along, and that he could look after him while I met everyone on the blogoshpere. True I know, but it will not be the same. It will not be the Crafter’s Ceilidh. 
What about you? Have you ever made plans for an event and ended up not going?
Have a nice weekend everyone.,,,oops, time for another blowing session into my tear soaked hanky.

Enabling Blogger Threaded Comments

This is a non-sewing related post. Its related to our blogs…those of us who use Blogger. I’m sure by now anyone who uses Blogger would have noticed that they can’t reply to comments from on their posts. That was one of the first things I noticed after I signed up to Blogger. I used to have a blog on WordPress called Love it!Sew it! . I used it in 2010 to write about my wedding planning.  I stopped using it because I wanted a fresh start, and I did not like the name of the blog anymore, so I set up a blogger blog.

I remember the shock I had when I realised  Blogger did not have the same threaded comments functionality as WordPress. I started experimenting with various HTML codes to address the comments issue, and for some time, was able to reply to some comments, but unfortunately, if I did not reply immediately after said comment, my reply would only appear after the latest comment, and not the actual comment I wanted to reply to.
Fast forward to 2012, and Blogger have FINALLY solved the problem. If you look at my last post, in the comment section, you will see that I now have a similar threaded comment functionality to WordPress blogs. I did not do any coding this time. Blogger did it. YAY!!. And activating it is dead easy. Just use the following steps:
  1. You need to set your blogger comments to “Embedded below post”. This means you will be able to comment on the page itself, and not in a pop-up window.
Settings – Comments – Comment form placement – (Embedded below post)

    2.  Change your blog post feeds to “Full”
Settings – Site Feed – Blog Posts Feed – (Full).
Make sure you save your changes. That should do the trick.
I know my interface might look different to some of yours, so if you are using the newer Blogger interface, you might want to take a look at this post, or this. They should be better explained than mine in any case.
Hope this helps.

Sew Weekly Challenge Inspiration

So this year I joined the Sew Weekly sewing challengers group. If you have not heard of the Sew Weekly, which I think is highly unlikely, you might want to pop over here

Last week was the Accessories Challenge Week. I started something, which I still have to complete. So yes, i have already failed the challenge, as the week is already over. I don’t mind though. I do not think I will be able to follow EVERY challenge, or finish every challenge on time, but I will try to participate to the best of my abilities.

So the challenge was to sew something which was inspired by an accessory.

My inspiration was one of my Lulu Guinness clutches:

And this is what I am making. A dress with an empire line waistline. I bought the fabric from walthamstow Market for £2/metre. I bought 3 metres, but I am using about 2 metres, or just under. It is a really soft stretch cotton fabric, and feels like velvet. So because of that, I am using a velvet trim on the waist seam line.

I am using the top half of this Simplicity pattern:

I cut size 16, but it is too big ( as I found out afterwards), so I am having to work some magic on the dress. Hopefully I should have it sorted. I really want to make this dress, AND finish it. It would do wonders for my confidence as I have not completed a single item since July last year. Shocking non?

I’m hoping to have it completed by Wednesday, and have some pictures up.

What are you all working on right now?