Does it have to be so cold in London?

No, I am not whinging, I am singing. Does anyone remember The Cranberries?

They have this song called ” So cold in Ireland” which I loved. In fact I love all their songs, and in various stages of my life, I have bought (again) , all 5 of their albums. They have a new album coming out this month, so naturally I am quite excited. I got introduced to The Cranberries by a friend when I was 17, in Cameroon, and had just gone to university. The album I borrowed from my friend was their second album “No Need To Argue”. By the end of my first year at Uni, all my neighbours at the hostel were Cranberries converts. Yes, I played it everyday on the loudest volume. I know that sounds unfair now, but back then i was young, and carefree, and MAD!!!

I have had that song in my head all morning because I woke up to this :

I had a pretty scary time last night. Mr.Dibs and a friend went to watch the England-Scotland rugby game yesterday and since it was in a Pub, there was no hurry to get back home after the rugby match. Oh no, there was ale to be drunk and banter to be exchanged. Unfortunately for Mr.Dibs, there was also snow quietly falling outside. Now for anyone who uses public transport in London, it is always preferable to be snowed-in, as opposed to snowed-out. At the merest whiff of snow, everything comes to a standstill. Trains stop moving, cars get stuck in the roads, flights get cancelled, everyone goes into panic mode.

 It becomes national news….poor journalists ordered to stand in the windy outdoors, groaning into frozen microphones

“Breaking News: The Snow is Here, it is finally here, “

Like always, I digress….

So, last night, as I lay under my duvet and 5 layers of clothing, reading James Clemens’ Wit’ch Star, I got a call from Mr.Dibs, who calmly informed me his train had stopped halfway home, and so he had no way to come home. I tried ringing a couple of taxi companies so I could send a cab to go pick him up, and they all said they had waiting times of  2 hours and above. Drat!!!So I called Mr.Dibs with the bad news, and poor soul said he had no other option but to walk home, as he could not even get a cab from where he was.

So I checked on google maps to pinpoint his location, and see the distance from home….9 MILES.

Poor Mr.Dibs walked home last night, calling me every so often to update me on his progress, until his phone battery went down, at which point I almost had a heart attack. I occupied myself by watching back episodes of 1 Born Every Minute, and spooking myself out. I have a very crazy imagination, and it did not help that I had just been reading a book about dark mages, witches, griffins, mermaids, dragons and other terrible creatures from the void. What if Mr.Dibs was eaten by an ogre? ….unlikely in 21st london, but still……

3 agonising hours later, a weary looking Mr.Dibs entered the house.

Alls well that ends well!!