I am in love….

…Fear not Mr.Dibs. I love you still….so I’m not talking about another man( though the mere thought of Johnny Depp is enough to make my heart skip numerous beats)

I’m talking about a new online fabric shop.

Last week I received an email about this new shop, so I decided to take a look. I am so excited to say that I LOVE this shop already. Annie, the owner, is such a lovely woman, and has the most wonderful customer service. Trust me, I would know. I have already bought twice from this shop ( in the space of 6 days), and on both occasions the service was faultless.

The Village Haberdashery stocks sewing and knitting and embroidery supplies.

The website is so easy to navigate, and I love the  colours used on the website. For a more detailed review of this new love of mine, you can go here. Susan, who blogs at Canadian Abroad, is hosting a give away for this….

how cute is this?

So what did I buy from The Village Haberdashery?

Fabric to make a hooded towel, wash cloths, bibs and burp cloths for young master Noah. I just love the mixture of grey, green and blue.

Renfrew pattern.

 Fusible interfacing for appliqu├ęs

So why don’t you pop over to the shop and have a look, and to get to know Annie better, you can stop by her blog as well.

Have  nice week everyone.

Crocheting my way out of boredom

I am now officially on maternity leave. Though to be honest, I stopped going into the office from mid January. I am also officially bored and fed-up. Sitting at home alone all day, day after day is quite mind numbing. I really would not have minded all this free time if I could go out and about and do stuff, but I am almost house bound, and trust me, that SUCKS!!!

Right, now that my little rant is off my chest, I can carry on with what has been making stuff bearable round these parts. I decided to start making things for the baby. I have given up on making anything for myself because

1) Its depressing to sew for my ever expanding frame
2) I will have a limited time to wear them, and I don’t want to waste fabric on maternity clothes when I don’t even go out of the house.

So I decided to crochet a baby blanket. I have never made one before, and my crochet skills are quite rudimentary, but I have made two hats before, so I figured I could do this as well. I decided to do one using granny squares, as I can do a couple a day when I am motivated. So far I have been at it for a week.

The idea is to use white as the border for these squares

The most difficult part was deciding on the yarn and colours to use.

I am using King Cole Bamboo Cotton. So I bought 1 of each of the main colours, and 2 white. I also tried to make baby booties. They look really small, so I will change the hook size and go 1 size up.

I have also decided I want to make a cardigan. I enrolled on a Craftsy course by Linda Permann, to learn how to make that cute little baby cardigan.

I have already bought the yarn for this as well. So as soon as I am done with the blanket, I will move on to this one.

Have a nice week people.