Noah came Early

Yes he did.

Technically he was supposed to finish baking on the 4th of April, however due to little technicalities, which I have moaned about non-stop on this blog, and which I am sure you all got tired of hearing about, the head chef decided to pull him out of the oven 1 week early, on the 27th of March.
So, I’ll be brief. I am so sleepy I swear I could sleep in a chocolate making factory right now…..and NO, not even the chocolate can tempt me away from sleep right now….after I finish this post of course.
 I was induced, but after 18hours of labour ( I kid you not), it was deemed I was not progressing. I was only 3cm dilated. Yes, that is after the midwife broke my waters and I spending hours on a Syntocinon drip ( some labour inducing drip which is an artificial version of Oxcytocin, the hormone responsible for kickstarting labour). It is supposed to be serious stuff, but unfortunately, did not help me. I was having very strong contractions though. Fear not….I was not in pain. Being the wuss I am, I screamed murder and DEMANDED an epidural after the very first contraction. As far as I know, no woman ever got a a medal from anyone for enduring the pain of childbirth so why should go through it when I know I can’t handle it? I had initially said I did not want an epidural, and would only use gas and air, but when it actually started, I lost my marbles. So I went through about 17.5 hours of very strong contractions not feeling anything. ahh…utter bliss.
Anyways, I digress. So, at 11:15 on Wednesday night, the decision was made to wheel me in for an emergency C-Section. At 11:55, Noah came screaming into this world. I’ve been in the hospital since, and only came out last night. All is almost back to normal ( there is still the matter of my stomach, which seems to have no intention of going back to how it was, and painful breastfeeding, which I hear is quite common, so I shall not whinge about that here). Piece of good news though, I do not walk with a crutch anymore. Yay!!
Was that brief enough?
Here are pictures of Noah and Junior Mr.Dibs bonding. It was love at first sight. I am almost not allowed to carry Noah anymore…well…except when he starts sucking his brother’s tshirt, then they bring him to me for feeding.