Simplicity 2444 at last

Have you ever had one of those projects where you know it should not take long to sew but you find yourself working endlessly on it? I had just that with this dress. It is Simplicity 2444, a really simple but nice pattern. I first saw it here, started working on it, got side tracked and made another mission maxi dress, then saw this, and knew I had to crack on.

I love this dress, and I know I shall be making more before summer is over. And I shall make more come autumn and winter, and next year spring. Crazy right? I seem to be loving every pattern I work on these days. Lets hope my luck continues. Maybe the fact that I had a period of not making anything is making me more appreciative of every project I complete.

This is the first non-knit dress I was going to work on since Noah came, so I was not quite sure of my sizing. I did not make a muslin though. I traced a size 14 unto some baking parchment paper, and cut the pattern. I used dressmakers carbon paper to trace all the notches, darts and seam allowances, then basted all the seam allowances by hand, so it would make it easier for me when it was time to sew. Can you tell I have been watching Susan Khalje’s craftsy class? Surprisingly, I quite liked doing all the preparatory work. It really does make the actual sewing a lot easier. I plan on doing more of this in my future projects. Hopefully my days of rushing through projects are well and truly behind me.

I used Susan’s instructions to insert a hand picked zip. It was easier than I thought, and loved sewing with my hand so much that I inserted the sleeves by hand sewing them as well. I love the control it gives you. Sleeves, I have heard are quite fiddly to work with, especially set in sleeves. I found it really easy to do it by hand, and I wonder if they will last. Susan Khalje says if you coat your thread with beeswax and press it before sewing, it will last. I hope so. Oh well, if it starts to disintegrate, I shall sew it with my machine, but for now, WE LOVES IT!!

I took these pictures out in the rain as well as inside the house. I know….I’m crazy. I don’t even want to imagine what my neighbours would be thinking. They are probably nominating me now for the most vain person in the world. Peu importe.

Now time to play under the rain

Oops, the rain is getting serious now…..

Best make a run for the house……

 If you are looking for a good pattern for a simple summer dress, this is a strong contender. It has four darts at the front. Cool right? Those little monsters make it fit really nicely, and I think if you use a plain fabric, the darts would make for interesting details. The only thing I did not like about the pattern, was that it is a bit big around my neck. Do you know how I can address that? I don’t mind it as is, but if I wanted it more fitting at the top, I would love to know how to achieve that.

Mission maxi to the rescue

I made another mission maxi dress. I swear I am more in love with this pattern after this new make. This one took about 10 minutes to sew. I cut out this fabric immediately after I made the last one, and was just looking for the right time to sew it. I used my overlocker this time, so it made it extra fast.

I was working on Simplicity 2444 all of last night for an event I had to attend today and after a dreadful zip insertion, decided to go to bed at 4am. This morning, I logged on to my Susan Khalje couture class on craftsy to find learn how to do a hand picked zip. 1 hour later, I had the zip inserted, but I still had to do the sleeve and hem. At this point, it was becoming increasingly obvious that I wasn’t going to finish the dress on time. So I did what any self respecting person would do…no, not buy a dress, I reached for my mission maxi pattern. 10 minutes later, I had this dress.

protecting my modesty with a white tank..must remember to raise the neckline on the next make.

Paying hommage to Scruffy Badger. Mr.Dibs thinks her name is the coolest ever. Whenever I talk about blogger meet-ups, he goes ” will Scruffy be there?” or ” Will you see The  Badge?”

Maybe this last one is not very Scruffy Badgeresque?

Mr. Dibs made me mow the lawn because I begged him to take pictures of me in my new dress. This has been filed away to be used as a battering chip when he needs a favour.

I’m off to my event.

Enjoy your weekend people.