Wool Crepe Dress: Adventures in Fitting I

So, the drama continues.

I decided I was not taking chances with this dress, so I decided to enlist the help of Mela and Rachel with fitting. They both have more experience than me when it comes to fitting. For one, I have never really done alterations on my patterns. I either did not have any problems before Noah, or I had, but was ignorant of the fact.

So we met at Mela’s place for an afternoon of fitting. Rachel led the way by preping the pattern pieces

Then she measured me.

Tissue fitting, and taking note of the gaps.

Sway back adjustment. I never knew I had one. So this was the highlight of the day for me, discovering I had a sway back.

After all that, they discovered I had a sway back, my bum and hips were too big for the pattern, and they needed to add 5cm to the skirt to make it work.  My neck was small, so I needed a size 10 at the neck, a size 12 at the bust, and a 14 at the waist. Still with me?  I lost all hope at this point.

Mela trying to stay positive despite all the changes they had to do to my pattern.

Rachel going crazy. Sorry love.

 Noah checking to see we noticed he was standing. Well done you!

Muslin all sewn up, and Rachel back to the business at hand.

A rough idea of where we are with the muslin. Can you tell I was tired at this point?

I think more fabric needs to leave the back.

 So at the end of it all, what did I learn? That I had been sewing like a blind bat. I never ever did alterations, thinking I was one of those lucky ones who could sew straight out of the envelope. While that might work with me when it comes to knit fabric, is a whole different ball game with woven. Oh, and if you want to make this dress ( Vogue 8280), bear in mind that the ease is about 3 inches. That is alot if you ask me.

I went home, and tried to make sense of all the alterations, but unfortunately I could not. It is rather sad, because Mela and Rach worked so hard. I on the other hand  found the whole fitting issue quite overwhelming, and I could not really keep up with what they were explaining, so I am quite lost. The pattern, lo and behold, has been murdered. So, this morning I rang up Sew Direct and ordered 2 sets of patterns. Size 10-14, which I will use for the bodice, and size 16-20, which I will use for the skirt.  I know this sounds like an overkill, but I do not have the time, nor the skills to go through all the changes. I shall quietly attempt a sway back alteration, then cut a 14 at the top, and an 18 at the bottom, and see how that goes. Wish me luck please.