Oh Sherlock!!

No, I am not in love with Mr.Holmes. I AM Sherlock.

I know! My thoughts exactly.

I was recently nicknamed “Sherlock” by a friend who accused me of playing detective. I was trying to solve an issue for someone close so during my investigations, I approached my friend for some inside information. Needless to say, he did not give me what was I looking for, despite all my pathetic attempts at emotional blackmail.

I laughed the moniker off, and thought nothing of it, until yesterday.

You know how American bloggers always manage to buy fabric used by designers or shops, and we in the UK never ever manage to replicate that? Oh! what? , you did not think I noticed how you always buy fabric from fabric.com or some other place,  that is the exact thing adorning some nameless mannequin in Bloomingdale’s? Oh trust me, I did, and as is my wont, was consumed with envy (story of my life). That ended yesterday.

Yesterday I was strolling about the internet, and decided to check on my crush, John Kaldor. Fear not folks, I am not entertaining thoughts of an affair. John Kaldor, for those who don’t know ( maybe only two?),is a fabric manufacturer. I love their fabrics, and I have been slightly obsessed of late, buying them left right and centre.  I ususally hunt them down on ebay and an online shop called Remnanthouse.

So there I was, having a lovely chat with John, when I decided to stop by the Phase Eight website. I LOVE Phase Eight. If I could afford it, I would wrap my ever expanding curves in nothing but Phase Eight frocks, but as things stand, I do not have the money for such luxuries. I did manage to get a couple of them though during the sale, and I am IMPATIENTLY waiting for the summer sale.

So yes, I went to Phase Eight and what do you know? I saw these dresses:

Don’t you just love them?

Normally I would spend minutes admiring them and having a conversation with myself about the importance of only buying what I need, and not what I want, which often leads to audible sighs of resignation when my practical side tells my not-so-practical side that no, I cannot use that £80 to buy a dress because it has been earmarked for Noah’s nappies and milk for the month. Now this is just one more thing I wish my friends who had kids had told me before I decided to take the plunge into the world of baby wipes and the rest of it.

This time, though, something told me that I had just seen fabric that looked like the dresses. So back I went to the remnanthouse website, and there they were.


Ah, that feeling of elation. I’m sure you all know what happened next right? True to form, I whipped out my card and bought 2 metres of each. I did not blink. There was no need for time wasting. No time to get emotional. With medical precision, I typed in my card details and clicked the purchase button without really knowing what I was doing. The pull of the fabric at its best. I’m glad I wasted no time because I went back to the Remnanthouse website just now to get pictures of the fabric and the links, but alas, they were not there anymore. I guess I bought the last lot they had. They usually have nice fabric, and always stock John Kaldor, so it might be worth checking in on them just to see what they have.

I am impatiently waiting for them to get to me. Hopefully Remnant House won’t send me an email on Monday to say they do not have enough of what I ordered. Fingers crossed. I hope they have them. I really want that black one with the white roses. I love that dress.

Has this happened to you before? Have you bought fabric used to make a dress you wanted to buy? Claire, don’t answer this question. You know why my dear, and yes, I am quite envious of your fabric collection….just so you know.

Have a nice weekend everyone.