Keeping Fit and Sewing

Mr.Dibs finally got me into those £100 running shoes. I am expecting miracles from those shoes. I have every intention of becoming the next Mo Farah.  Pardon me for sounding cheap, but the price of those shoes still hurt me. Can you imagine how much fabric £100 can get me in a place like Walthamstow market?, or the number of patterns I could buy? or quality thread?

Anway, I was kitted up yesterday by Mr.Dibs, and we went running. By that, of course, I mean Mr.Dibs ran, and I dragged myself painfully behind him. I ran 1.5miles yesterday at possibly the slowest pace known to man, but no matter, I was still very tired by the time I managed to limp home.

I know a number of you are runners. Any advice for me? Seeing that my goal for running is to loose weight, I know I have to eat right as well, so any tips on combining exercising and dieting for a healthy weight loss regime?

 Naturally this current drive of mine (via pressure from Mr.Dibs) to loose weight would have had serious implications for my bank account, because the more you loose weight, the more you have to spend on a new wardrobe right? However, Sandra made a great comment on my last post . She said the advantage of sewing your own clothes is that you can adjust it when you put on weight. True enough. That goes for loosing weight as well. Another reason to be happy I sew then dont’cha think?

Which brings me to another question, when you are on a mission to loose weight, how do you buy sewing patterns? Do you buy your current size, or do you buy your desired size and and use that as motivation to reach said desired size. I know some women who buy dresses a size or two smaller, and diet their way to that size. Do you do the same with your pattern buying?

In other news, I have started work on my Elisalex dress. I am using a fabric I bought from Goldhawk road 2 years ago. We are hoping to sell our house soon, so I Want to reduce my fabric stash. It is either that, or throw fabric away. Mr.Dibs is being totally unreasonable about my fabric stash. The way he is going on about it taking up space, is roasting my nerves. His current mantra is “Use it or Bin it”. Needless to say, I have no intention of “binning” precious fabric. I did bin some scraggy looking fabric though, those I bought at the beginning.

Its a Bank holiday today, and the sun is shinning, and I am one happy woman. I should be sewing, but I think I need Vitamin D more. I do need a zip for my Elisalex dress though, so John Lewis, here I come.

Getting my money’s worth

I made another mission maxi dress last night. My friend is having her graduation party today in Coventry so naturally I wanted something I could comfortably travel in. Most of my clothes do not fit me anymore  because I have been at the cakes. As you can see from the pictures, it is obvious that I have added a couple of pounds.

Mr.Dibs has been  making funny little noises about my weight gain….muttering here and there. I ignore him of course. He recently decided actions speak louder than words, and registered me for the Great North Run in September. It is a half marathon, and he says he will do it with me. hmmmmm. Last week he dragged me to a running shop, to get me fitted for running shoes. 30 minutes and £100 later, I had a pair of running shoes. Now, the only reason I am going to run that half marathon, is because of that money. I need to squeeze £100 worth of running from those shoes, just as I am sqeezing my money’s worth out of the mission maxi pattern.


 I used a jersey fabric I bought last year in Utrecht when I went to Holland. It is quite soft and drapey, quite different from the fabric I used for the last mission maxi dress, which was thicker.  The fabric I used last time got a lot of love from alot of you. As I said, I got it from Walthamstow market, in the first fabric shop on your right when walking down the market from the station. I can’t remember the name of the shop. They do have alot of border prints, so if the fabric I used is sold out, I’m sure you will see other nice border prints.

I have somehow lost the pattern for the neck and armhole bindings for this dress, and cut new ones using an estimate of what I thought the original width of the binding was. Unfortunately when sewing it, I found out it was really small, so I had to unpick the stitches. Halfway through the unpicking, I decided to stop, because, sod it, it was 2am, and I had just finished a bottle of wine, and I was not thinking straight. Unpicking stitches in a knit fabric is seriously not cool. I cut off the neck binding,because the wine whispered it was the best thing to do, then cut a really wide band and used it as the binding. The result looks like a cowl neck. It is not the end of the world as I thought because my friend and her sister-in-law quite liked it, so, yes, like a phoenix, my damaged dress rose out of the ashes, or is it from the ashes?

 Ok, this last picture captures perfectly my mood in the garden. My garden in London is quite miniscule, so I was excited to be in a really big garden, and I was literally jumping for joy. Now if you will excuse me, there is wine to be drunk, and cake to be devoured. To heck with Mr.Dibs and his weight gain mutterings, 5 more slices of cake today won’t make any difference. Or will they?


How do you do it?

I have been trying to take pictures of my Elisalex dress muslin, and I am making a right pork pie out of it. How do other people take such amazing self portraits?

Anyway, I am in the process of making the Elisalex dress. First muslin coming up:

So far so good. The bodice front fits ok. I have not made any adjustments yet, but I have a feeling the back might be a bit dodgy. I tried taking pictures to show what I mean, but of course, I’m not that skilled. I feel it gaps abit at the back. Did anyone else have that problem? Or is it just me?

For the skirt I cut a 14, but then realised I was being overly optimistic about my sizing. I think I might be a 16 for the skirt. Oh well, I need to adjust that, or just go with the gathered skirt. The only reason I made a skirt with this muslin was because I thought the bodice was too short. It is actually ok. Sits exactly on my natural waist, which is a first for me.

I don’t know which fabric to use yet. Most of the suitable fabric I have are only 2mts, so a trip to Goldhawk road might just be what I need.

And now, for your eyes only, exhibit A, of my muslin documentation…..See what I go through for this blog?