Lace Dress Project – Inspiration

Its that time of the year again. my alumni gala is coming up, and I need to make something for the occasion. Last year I made this red dress, and though it was a success, I almost gave Mr.Dibs a heart attack because I stayed up all night sewing, and only finished it on the train, on my way to Birmingham.

This year I decided to start early. I do not know if I will actually finish it on time, or if I will be hemming this one on my way to the gala. Hopefully I finish it on time. This year, our Alumni convention is taking place in Worcester, in the West Midlands of England.

So, not knowing what I wanted, I decided to hit the shops for inspiration. I tried a couple of dresses, but none really touched me. Then  I saw this dress in Phase Eight. Isn’t it just delish?


I tried it on, and almost did not take it off. I certainly was not going to buy it, because at £395, I would have to sell Noah to afford it. And even if I did manage to sell Noah and buy this dress, don’t think I would even get a chance to wear it because I am most positive Mr.Dibs would have my head, and I mean that seriously. So I had two options, either make a run for the door faster than what Usain Bolt has ever managed, or go home and make my own version. After much deliberation, I decided I would make mine. That was not an easy decision to make believe me.  I only decided against running because I was there with my elder sister, and I did not think she would be able to sprint as quickly as I would. I would have escaped, but then, they would have caught her. Not a good prospect. So we left Phase Eight, with me resolved to make a similar dress.

With the style decided, I needed to do some research on the colours and any other thing  I could modify, pattern search… know, the works.

Countless hours on pinterest and google later, I decided I wanted a blue lace dress. Something in this style

But in blue, possibly with a nude or gold underlay, like these
I am actually confused between having long sleeves like the first dress, or short sleeves like this one. What do you think?

The Minerva Sewing Network

Ok, so, I’m out of the ground. Yeah I bet you all thought I was going to come back with some more baby news. nah nah. My body is still recovering post Noah, and I am still struggling to get back to pre-baby body, but the chocolates won’t let me be. As much as I love Noah, i don’t think my body is ready for another bout of stretching.  No, something’s managed to drag me out of hibernation. Oh yes peeps, that something is the Minerva Blogger Network. I was so happy when I was asked to join the Network.  Thanks Rach and Vicki. Rachel and Vicki have been hard at work on this initiative, for months now, and I’m so glad I can finally talk about it.

The way it works, is that every month, we get an allowance, which allows us to choose stuff from the Minerva Crafts shop, make something, and share it on our blogs, and the Minerva craft Blog. In true Dibs style, I was the last to select my package, yeah I was confused. So much to choose from. Rachel had to threaten me, before I finally selected what I wanted. So, coming up, from La Casa Dibs, is a dress made from this fabric

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I LOVE bright colours. Love it much?

So, the Blogger Network is made up of 8 bloggers, whom I’m sure alot of you are familiar with.

So, from top left to bottom right,

Winnie of Scruffy Badger
Shivani of Pins and Needles
Rachel of House of Pinheiro
Anna of Paunnet
Kathryn of Yes I Like that
Yours truly
Jane of Handmade Jane
Clare of Sew Dixie Lou

So there, I suppose I have no excuse now, right? I really do have to make stuff. So stay tuned,  I’m sure I will be able to crank out a not too shabby dress.