Fabric Detective

Okay, so what do you do when you are down with a cold?  Why, you feel sorry for yourself and laze about the internet of course, while taking the piss and making your other half do all the housework, including nappy changing.

Noah recently started nursery at a place about 5 minutes away from my new job, and so far, it has been good. He settled in pretty well, so either he really is a good kid, and gets along famously with everyone, or he really does not love me, and cannot wait to spend time away from me. He never cried the first day I took him there, and according to the nursery, he always has an excellent day. So, on the one hand, I am happy he is an independent mister, but on the other, I feel as if I have been used. Like he only wanted me to provide him with an oven for 9 months so he could get his little organs together within me, and then set off on his own as soon as physically possible. Oh well. Such is life I suppose.

So yeah, he is in nursery, and although it gives me the opportunity to work, it also comes with its own downsides. Like turning him into a contamination channel. The young man recently came down with a cold, picked up, no doubt, from his nursery, and promptly contaminated Mr.Dibs. Mr.Dibs in turn, because he never likes me to feel left out, passed it on to me. Now, a cold is a cold is a cold, and I know it is not supposed to be a big deal, but it is to me, and it breaks me down like nothing on earth, and I am now hanging on to my dear life. The only thing making life bearable at the moment is the amount of time I have to browse the internet, courtesy of my being ill.

Now to the matter at hand.

I was indulging in two of my fave pastimes just now, which if you have been reading my blog for sometime, will know that one of them is fabric shopping, and the other is eye shopping on the Phase Eight website. So yeah, I was doing both simultaneously, and I noticed a couple of fabrics that kept appearing on the two sites. Hmm, what would Sherlock do? I asked myself. Upon closer inspection, I discovered  not one

not two
Not even three
nor four

but five fabrics from the phase eight site on ebay. aha! Score.
I almost feel better, ALMOST. 
I am not even afraid you will all now rush to the ebay site and buy all these gorgeous fabric before I get the chance to order some because, as you well know, I do not hesitate when it comes to Phase Eight. Paypal has already sent my request to this ebay shop. Now, all I have to do is wait for my fabric.
This is just perfect timing, especially as I have wrap dresses on my mind. Which reminds me, thanks to all of you who are interested in sewing wrap dresses with me. I shall shed more light on that little project in my next post.
Have a good weekend people.

Burda Canvas Skirt

So its time for another Minerva Network project, and what do you know? I made a denim-ish skirt. Denim-ish because although it feels like denim to me, it is actually canvas.

 I made a Skirt using Burda 7283. You can get the pattern here if you like this style of skirts. It is basically an A-line skirt. I did not follow the pattern instructions. I literally just used the pattern pieces. The skirt is really easy to sew, and is appropriate for a beginner. My fabric has quite a busy print, so I decided to just make it without the buttons or pockets as called for by the pattern.

When I first saw this fabric, for some reason, I thought it was a soft cotton sateen, and wanted to make a dress out of it.  I should have read the description closely, because when I received the fabric, it was different to what I was expecting. I probably just got carried away by the beautiful print, and did not see the word “canvass” in the description. It actually worked out better that it was a heavier sort of fabric, which to me, is more autumn appropriate. I changed my mind about making the dress, as I thought it would go beautifully as a skirt.

What I love most about the fabric, is the print. Camouflage anyone? Content wise, it is a canvas fabric, with a good amount of stretch. It stretches so much that you can get away with not using a zip. I’m not kidding you. My skirt does not have a zip, and I managed to get it on with no problem. It is also quite comfortable to wear, which is always a good thing.

I wore it to a sewing meet-up the day after I made it. I really love this skirt, and I think I am going to make another one.

 I know I look silly in the next 2 photos, but I could not resist doing these silly poses.

If you like this fabric, you can get it here. The kit contains 2 metres of fabric, and an invisible zip.

The Wrap Dress Project


Don’t you just love wrap dresses? I do, but surprisingly at this exact moment, I do not own a single one in my closet. Shameful I know. I have in the past, been the owner of a couple of wrap dresses, and I must say, I did feel rather sexy in them. Somehow, and I don’t know how, I now find myself without one. So, seeing that it is coming up to winter, I thought it would be good if I stocked up on 1 or two, or maybe 3 wrap dresses to keep me warm during the dark and cold days.

Will you join me?

Fabric Detective

So, remember when I made my instant gratification Mccalls dress? Some of you were interested in the fabric, but unfortunately, I got the last few metres on the roll in Fabric House on Goldhawk road. Well I found some online.

Oh yes! Minerva Crafts is selling it here. I’m cool right? Now go get yourself some fabric for autumn.

Nougat Dress Pattern Giveaway Winners

Here comes the moment so many of you have been waiting for. We had a total of 28 entries.Thank you so much for the interest in the Nougat dress. I intend to make it myself soon, so hopefully, we shall soon see a nougat invasion round the blogoshphere. The surprising thing for me was many of you wanted to make View A first, which is the most advanced. If you start with view A, I salute you!

So yes,  we have winners. The giveaway actually ended on Saturday, but seeing I was in the middle of having fun, I have not been able to pick a winner. But here are your winners now.


So, I used excel to pick the numbers for me. If you use excel often, you might know this formula:


So basically what it does is it gives you a random number between your minimum and maximum numbers every time you need it to.


We had 28 entries, and my dear excel faithfully gave me these numbers:

4,12,18,13 and 3.

Going down the comments list, our winners are:

4 = Cystal Pleats
12= Daniela .M
18 = Queen
13 = Joyce in NC
3 = Katie Skeoch

Congratulations on winning this beautiful pattern, please do send me an email by clicking on the envelope icon under my profile picture in the top left corner of this page. I look forward to seeing your interpretations.