Something Blue : Mccalls 6282

So it’s been eons since this little blog has had some love. I have been going through a sewing and consequently blogging funk. I blame the second baby. That little terror is responsible for everything that has happened to this blog. That my friends is the absolute truth….hand on heart.

But not to worry. Things are hopefully going to be changing around here. I am slowly getting back to my pre-children sewing state. So while I transition back into crazy sewing, I will be posting about the FEW things I have since made, starting with McCalls 6282.

I made this dress in November 2015, when I joined a sewing club here in Northampton. Sadly I have not been to the sewing club since December 2015. Shameful I know, but sometimes life just happens and you have to prioritize. I will like to go back to the group, but I think I have to work up enough courage to show my face there again.

The dress was really easy to make, so I can’t really say much about the pattern, as it was an uneventful make. It sews up really quickly and is something you can make in 1 evening. I made this over 2 weeks, just because I only took it out of my sewing bag when I got to the sewing club. There are only 3 pattern pieces, the front, back, and the sleeve. I sewed the sleeves using the flat method and that went so much faster for me.

The fabric is a really cheap remnant I bought from Milton Keynes market for about £2/metre. It is like a double knit, but a bit thicker, and it feels so soft and luxurious. I used less than 2 metres I think. Forgive my hazy memory, it’s been a while. Plus though like fine wine I get better with age, I’m afraid my memory seems to be going pear shaped.

 I really love this dress, and I even took it with me to Barcelona in March this year when I went for a weekend with some of the girls from my secondary and high school. See me in action in Barcelona? That trip was so lovely, I even got to meet Paco, who is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. More on that in another post.

The lovely thing about this dress is the fact that it has some ruching in the stomach area, perfect for hiding my ever expanding pot belly. That belly is currently the bane of my life. Since taking these pictures, I have put on more weight, but the dress still fits, so yay for stretchy fabric. I have plans to make more versions of this dress as it is such a flattering shame for me.

If you like this kind of style, and you do not have this pattern, I strongly recommend you buy it. You won’t regret it.