And we are back!!

Hi Folks, its me, your long lost friend, now back from blogging purgatory with the intention of doing right by you lot this time and actually making and posting stuff.
Can you notice anything different? No? Pfff!!! Whatever will I do with you? Do you need a trip to Specsavers or something? Oh well, seeing as the Sun has been shining round these parts of late, my disposition is positively sunny, and so I will spare you the pain of wracking your brains and tell you what has changed.
First up, my blog address. The eagle eyed amongst you would have noticed you can’t get to my blog by using I now use Why the change you might ask. Long story folks, however, since I am most lazy, I will not be going into the long version. Count thyselves lucky. So, short version below.
As you may or may not know, I had been blogging at a frequency that could only be compared to that of an elfin woman having children, which is well…almost 1 every couple of hundred of years (feel free to google it). Somehow, I forgot to renew my domain name and some company bought it and now want to sell it to me for hundreds of pounds. Erm…no…not happening. It took me a few months to notice it, and because no one was reading my blog anyway, no one drew my attention to it. The only person who eventually asked me about it was my friend Claire .
Which leads to the next change. I am no longer with Blogger. I decided to start afresh, on a different platform. And here we are. I bought a wordpress theme and got some hosting sorted and migrated my blogger content to my new blog.
I hope this time around I will blog more. I spend all of my time on Instagram now and it is going to be difficult for me to get back into the swing of things with blogging, but I think I can do it. In Dibs and The Machine version 1, I focused mostly on sewing, with the odd millinery post. This time around, I will be writing about everything I currently love doing. During my blogging break, I fell into cake making, so expect to see a few posts related to that. I have also been travelling alot, but I don’t think there will be many travel related posts in the near future because I seem to have used up all my little money. Being an adult is so hard.
So, see you next time.