Me Made June Brighton Meet-up

What day are we in now? the days all seem to have blurred into one. Somewhere between friday 17th june and today, I’ve kind of lost track of where I am. anyways, saturday was a special day. Zoe organised a MMJ meet-up in Brighton, for those who could make time to attend.
So there I was, trying to reaasure Mr.Dibs on friday night, as I lay shivering on my bed, that I would be well enough to go to Brighton on saturday. I’d been to work on friday, but left early when my boss saw me crying ( lol, yes i do that when i am in pain), and told me to go home.
Nothing was going to stop me from going to Brighton. Not when I had managed to bag a return ticket for £10. I was hoping by saturday morning I would be feeling better, but when I woke up on saturday to a massive headache, I knew I had to take emergency actions. I quickly overdosed on pain killers, and smiled bravely at Mr.Dibs when he enquired after my health.
Anyways, here are a couple of shots.

Claire’s magical trolley, which had everything inside!!

Here I was playing a game of pap the papparazzi



Zoe, our hostess with the mostess!!

Santie all excited!!

Tilly taking notes. How sweet is this?

Food time. Notice how brave our smiles look, even though we were very hungry

post food, time to swap fabric

Santie, Tilly and I
After a couple of glasses of wine, the smiles are more effortless…quite enthusiastic if i may say

I loved Zoe’s Macaron dress.

Danny boy!! Daniel was quite popular among tthe girls.

Brighton was alot of fun, though at one point Zoe and Tilly were kind enough to take a break because I was not feeling well, and we sat down for some tea, in my case, a plate of chocolate fudge cake and ice- cream.

I was so glad I went, because I met Santie, who I will be meeting in Belgium in a couple of days for more fabric shopping. I also discovered the best place to be in this world, if anything were to go wrong, like some terrorist attack, or anything major. That place could be anywhere, and I mean it seriously, anywhere, so long as I am with Claire. Claire is one seriously organised person. She has everything for anything in her bag.  So Claire, if you are reading this, I think you are seriously cool!!

I also came away with alot of fabric from the fabric swap. I don’t have any pics of them, because I forgot to take pictures of them, but most of what I got came from Claire, so whenever i do make something out of them, I will be giving a big shout out to her.

You will be happy to know that I did not buy any fabric. Seriously. I only bought a couple of metres of milliners elastic, for fascinators. I still have to finish the fascinator I am making for Rachel, so I’m glad I got that. I also bought a couple of buckles, and leather thonging for jewellry making. Aww, I’m all grown up now. I can resist the lure of fabric. I might not be so restrained when I go to Belgium though. Santie and I will be going crazy in Antwerp soon.

Sunday, I decided to draft a skirt pattern.

Somehow, this tub of ice cream made it into the equation

I got derailed. Wouldn’t you?

Monday, day 27, at work, and I got caught laughing like a hyena here. I’m wearing the top I embelished a couple of weeks (days?) ago.



  1. June 27, 2011 / 3:50 pm

    Hey Dibs! I'm so glad that you're better from your operation and I hope your cold has gone away now too!

    I'm seriously gutted I couldn't make Brighton, it looks like you all had such a lovely day…I'm positively jealous!

    Hope to catch up with you at a blogger meet-up soon!xx

  2. June 27, 2011 / 4:31 pm

    You are tough!!
    So glad you had such a wonderful time!

  3. June 27, 2011 / 5:34 pm

    Hiya lovely! This is such a lovely post, so sorry that you weren't feeling great though. Hope you are feeling better now? See you soon!

    Zoe xxx

  4. June 27, 2011 / 6:41 pm

    so much fun Hun. you have to tell me all later, I am back on wednesday ! Did u draft the skirt from my blog

  5. June 27, 2011 / 6:48 pm

    It was lovely to meet you! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  6. June 27, 2011 / 7:18 pm

    Does this mean you found your camera? I'm so jealous of the awesome meet-ups happening across the ocean!

  7. June 28, 2011 / 12:54 am

    You got lots of photos and it seems like there was a lot of fun happening. See, I knew your camera was just in need of a break lol. Wish I could have been there with you all. I'm glad everyone looked after you too. Such a generous lot we sewists. lol

  8. June 28, 2011 / 12:24 pm

    You have so much resilience! I am so glad you got to have some fun despite the pain – but seriously – don't forget to look after yourself!

  9. June 29, 2011 / 4:50 am

    HI Dibs. Sorry to hear you've been through the wars… I love how you laugh through it all! Your trip to Brighton looked fun… and how great to be doing meet ups abroad. It'll be a while til I get to do one of those (children and all) but I will be keeping an eager eye out for your Belgique posts!

  10. June 29, 2011 / 9:28 am

    I don't know where to start. You went to the Brighton meet up – I am jealous. You have a french curve – I am jealous. You combined sewing and ice-cream – INSPIRED! You combined painkillers and wine – INSPIRED! Oh, should I not have said that last one? Sorry to hear you're still under the weather, but how brave are you to trek all the way to Brighton?!

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