2nd Crochet hat and Jewellry

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday so far.

My 1 week holiday has been a success for a number of reasons, chiefly because

  1. I got to wake up each day after 10am ( yeah I’m that lazy)
  2. I did not feel guilty drinking more than two glasses of wine everyday ( Wine aids digestion you know)
  3. I learned how to crochet ( well I think I have)
  4. I made some jewelry ( well sort of)
A few days ago I wrote a post about my first foray into crocheting, which resulted in a rather dubious looking hat. Well I’m glad to say I gave it another try, and ended up with this
I think its supposed to be a chunky beanie hat!
Back view

Don’t know what dance I was doing, but I can ASSURE you all, I was quite sober

well maybe just.
So, I think I can consider this second attempt a success. Its been really hot today, but I wore my hat all day when I went to town to do some last minute shopping. I’ve decided to wear whatever I make this year. Nice or not. The nice ones will make me feel good about myself, the not so good once will make me work harder, and be more patient when sewing the next project.
I also thought I should try my hand at jewelry making. Why? because I think we are good at many more things than we think we are. So I am going to keep trying everything crafty, to find out what I enjoy, and what I don’t. So far, I’ve established that 
  1. I adore sewing
  2. I’m not crazy about knitting
  3. I like crocheting, even though I am not good at it yet. 
  4. I will like to try painting, jewelry making, millinery, perfume making, soap making, candle making, sculpture, and everything else under the sun that involves using the creative part of my brain….did I mention i’m not mad about knitting?
That said, when I went into town today, I bought some pendants, and some string. I wanted to make simple necklaces. These are probably the easiest things to do when it comes to jewelry making, because all I did was tie the string round the pendants, and I was done. A total of 30 seconds. Or less I should imagine. So, the more experienced jewelry makers will probably not classify this as jewelry making, but in my little book, I say it is. lol.
Ladies and gents (?), I present ( drum rolling), Dib’s masterpieces
Raw materials

So all in all, a very productive day for. 
Have a wonderful easter everyone.


  1. April 23, 2011 / 9:02 pm

    Dancing and wine and a new crocheted hat AND A BIRD BATH?!!!! Life doesn't get much better.

  2. May 5, 2011 / 12:33 pm

    lol. You know I had no clue those things were called bird baths. You taught me something new.

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